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US Capital Post Trumps Insurrection

Integrity – Honor – Humility:

We MUST reduce special interest influence over politicians. There is a direct conflict of interest between corporate interests and the common good. Corporations have infiltrated the electoral and legislative process. We need leadership strong enough to stand and fight for what needs to be done. It is a requirement to oppose populist corporate media driven messaging. Therefore, addressing the fundamental basis of the erosion of the system must be a unified effort.

Supreme Court Bias

Even the supreme court has increased the risk factor. A NON independent supreme court leans to far into cognitive bias. State and National courts have been infiltrated. This bias alters how decisions are made. Bias in the courts is a danger to justice and reason. Independent courts are fundamental to fair judicious reasoning. Bias in the court is at odds with reason and common sense regarding the integrity and security of our nation and the American people.

Get the special interests out of the electoral and legislative process. We need to work hard to reduce big money influence in politics. It will take leadership and courage to fix our electoral process. Unfortunately there is not enough political will to do so. The people will need to lead on this issue until we get a political leader willing to do what is right. The Centrist Party is laser focused on this goal.

Protecting the People and the Nation

Meaningful political reform is less possible in our current political environment. The foxes are guarding the hen house. Systems tend toward self-preservation and political systems are no different. It’s a natural tendency, so we just need to try to deal with it.

Corruption in Washington and in State legislation has reached a level that no matter how good a person is when they entered the political arena, the system itself has become a barrier to reform. Corrupted by decades of corporate and special interest influence. Our government is now so degraded that in order to get anything done at all, compromises have become the norm. We should not be compromising the safety of our nation or our citizens. Compromising America is NOT AN OPTION.

Behind the Scenes Horse Trading and Bill Stacking

Out of the spotlight horse trading and bill stacking means taking the good with the bad on a REGULAR basis. This does not serve the needs of the people or the nation and must be stopped; AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE. When good people are forced to make bad decisions to such extent, then good people will eventually stop running for office completely, then what is left?

First, we have to clean our own house. Let us recall Hurricane Katrina and its before and aftermath. How our government handled it is an excellent example of how a president wrongly responds. Likely a combination of factors: bias against the science of global warming; trying to look like everything is dandy; oh and the very important reality of having a BBQ while a hurricane is slamming into the gulf coast. There are no complete answers, but the response was without proper leadership, that much is clear.

Warning/Danger: Run on sentences follow:

The following paragraphs are run on sentences, which are designed to give you the feeling that it, runs on and on… sort of like the political rhetoric we have been subjected to by those who are more expert at word crafting and re-characterization, than they are at management and administration that has, as its heart, honor and reason.

As long as the two main political parties are in power, and able to manipulate the system to their own favor and survival, over and above the needs of the people and the nation, without healthy competition, reform is and will continue to be merely a phrase they will use in their campaigns to pretend to care enough about the issues.

They will make proposals, to reshuffle the cards, so that they can attempt to impress the electorate, for at least one more election cycle, and then, when it doesn’t work, again, they will do it all over, again, and again.

The next time someone cares enough to complain about low voter turnout or political corruption and stagnation along with gerrymandering, voter fraud, intimidation or special interests influencing elections and legislative policy…they will just do it again.

We The People Are Tired of Rhetoric & Want Meaningful Action

The American public has grown tired of broken campaign promises and empty legislation. These tactics do no more to reform the system than a 50% less fat cookie which is twice as big. If more spending with fewer solutions is the answer, then we can all relax, because our government has accomplished this. The Centrist Party can force the left and the right to focus on evidence, reason and logic. Without it, we are really just stuck in the mud.

Let’s Get This Party Started

If, on the other hand you believe that we can do more with less through increased efficiency, open mindedness, strength, conviction, and accountability… then let’s get this party started! Together we can renew our government and foster an environment of cooperation and healthy debate. Simply electing Centrist Senators and Congress people as our representatives with move the left and the right away from the extremes so we can focus on truth and evidence.

Political reform is not just a big cookie being baked in the two party system, now it has sprinkles on it, it costs more and has less value. That cost is leading to a tragic level of national debt and the increased potential for runaway inflation. Bold and decisive reforms are needed to reduce special interest influence and preserve political liberty and socio-economic opportunity for all Americans.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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