What Democrats and Republicans need to understand about impeachment is that the term ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ has nothing to do with actual crimes. It has to do with ‘loss of public trust’. The precedence for this use goes all the way back to the year 1371, solidified in the 1500’s and became regularly used from the 1600’s forward. The reason our founding fathers used the term in the US Constitution was because they wanted a president to be able to be impeached if he abused the public trust in the office of the presidency.

Donald Trump Made America Weak Again

Congress impeached Donald Trump. The senate used sophist argumentation to avoid responsibility and culpability in the abuses Donald Trump has inflicted upon America. Including his amazing campaign during his presidency to ensure America becomes a weaker country. That is an indictment upon the GOP and gives America a clear view fo there intentions.

And Trump was successful in weakening America. Trump aligned America with dictators and abandoned our allies politically and on the battlefield. Trump succeeded in ensuring Americas prestige in the world has been greatly diminished/weakened.

Trumps Tyranny

America and it’s citizens will suffer from Trumps tyranny for years to come, possibly decades or longer when one considers the long term ramifications from his failures to lead us to a greater future.

During Trumps impeachment process GOP members and right wing media continues to say Trump did not commit a crime with the Ukraine phone call. But it’s not about ‘if’ a crime was committed. it’s about loss of public trust.

Election Fraud

When Trump used the office of the president to manipulate the State leader of Ukraine to influence the 2020 election, he broke the public trust. It was a quid pro quo. And it does not matter how many times Trump say’s there was no quid pro quo. Trump only says that because he knows his followers and supporters are gullible enough to believe him and will repeat what he says; even though he is clearly lying to save his own butt at the expense of American strength and prestige.

That also is a break with the public trust, and thus, that also comes under the auspices of ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’, which is also an impeachable offense.

The Untrustable Truth of Donald Trump

In fact Trump has broken the public trust so many times it’s hard to count all the impeachable offenses:

  • Using the office of the president to suppress voting (while claiming he is doing the opposite).
  • Using the office of the president to punish American political opponents.
  • Calling the press “the enemy of the people”.
  • Using federal forces to instigate violence against peaceful protesters.
  • Misleading America about the level of violence in the George Floyd protests for political gain.
  • Fomenting and instigating violence that could increase civil disorder and possibly lead to some level of civil war causing injury and/or death to US citizens.
  • Using the coronavirus pandemic federal support to punish governors that he does not like.
  • Trying to convert our national parks into lands that can be developed for hotels.
  • Lying about trying to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.
  • Supporting Putin over the American Troops Putin was targeting in Afghanistan.
  • Not showing us his tax returns that he PROMISED he would show us.
  • Lying and misleading about hundreds of things…

I really could go on… really…

Continued (post publish date):

  1. Trump Trusting foreign dictators over the U.S. Intelligence Community.
  2. Removing post office collection boxes across the nation to interfere in the election during a pandemic that needs mail-in voting more then ever.
  3. Not leading the nation of expanding postal services to meet the needs of the nation during a pandemic.
  4. Intentionally undermining the constitutional responsibility to support the post office.
  5. Not delivering on “insurance for everybody” in healthcare, while working hard to remove healthcare for Americans.
  6. Intentionally undermining the constitutional responsibility to support the election process.
  7. Trump promised “there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid” and then tried to cut in the Obamacare repeal.
  8. Abandoning our allies on the battlefield while favoring Russian interests.
  9. Using the same tactics as Hitler during the Weimar that clearly could push America into a civil war on some level (all as a distraction to hide his own crimes against America and solidify his desire to achieve dictatorship.
  10. Telling Americans they can ingest dangerous/deadly toxic chemicals to cure Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2), which resulted in the deaths of Americans gullible enough to listen/trust him.

And then there is:

  1. Placing the American Economy at high risk merely to make himself look better/successful (by pushing the market up with a negative GDP in the middle of a global pandemic, thus placing all investments including individual investors, funds and retirement accounts at high risk because this is absolutely unsustainable.)
  2. Key reason Trump is impeachable: He has not put America or Americas Citizens first. He has put himself first. He simply can’t be trusted to protect America or it’s citizens. Trump has abrogated his constitutional responsibility and ignored his presidential oath. 
  3. Trump Admin withholding ventilators and as indicated by pattern behavior using critical PPE as a reward system for good behavior to get favor.
  4. DJT, for suggesting “governors should show some appreciation first” in inferred relation to help in their states regarding the virus.
  5. Trump for using ambiguous language to avoid direct responsibility for his very clear intentions in dog whistling to everyone about how they need to behave and how they need to treat him, or about what he would do via his threats.

All this together or individually is:

  • Loss of public trust.
  • High crimes and misdemeanors.
  • Impeachable.

Keep in mind that while the term high crimes and misdemeanors has nothing to do with actual crime, it does not exclude actual crime. In the US Constitution Article 1. Section 3. we see …”the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment, Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law.”

So Trump can go to jail for actual crimes while in or out of office, even a crime is not needed for him to be impeached. The Constiution clear;y supports convicting a criminal president even if no lnoger in office.

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