Fact Check on California Recall

Key Considerations:

The main arguments pushed out on right wing media are very liberal on lies and misdirection. It is unfortunate that the Republicans and the right wing have abandoned conservatism for liberal corporatism. But their ruse continues.  Their key claims regarding Newsom are both false and being used as a smoke screen for a power grab to support a continuation of the typical lies we have seen these past months and years. Regarding their key claims for the recall:

Not wearing a mask at a restaurant.

Rating: Silly and Stupid.

Facts: The GOP and of course Trump have been arguing against mask wearing in general pretty much the whole time during the Covid pandemic. Hypocritical at the least, immoral at the worst.

Poor performance on education and ignoring poor students of color

Rating: Silly and Stupid.

Fact 1: The GOP traditionally ignores the poor and pushes to cut their benefits while always claiming they are doing great things for the poor, generally speaking. Hypocritical at the least, immoral at the worst.

Fact 2: The poor and people of color are traditionally screwed by the system and the data confirms that.

California Education Performance 2015
California Reading and Math Statistics 1990-2019

My Vote:

As the author of this article I’m not telling anyone how to vote. But I already sent in my ballot. Here’s what I did:

  1. I voted against the recall.
  2. I did not fill in an alternate candidate.

Make your own choice. But make sure you are making an informed choice based on actual facts; not rhetoric.

By leaving the 2nd page blank, I am stating that if in fact Newsom is recalled, I want California to simply install the Lt. Governor. I don’t want another candidate from the list of alternates to become governor.

Basically I want stability and continuity of government. We have another shot at electing a new governor in the next cycle. I see no need to upset the apple cart right now.

Besides, the right wing arguments don’t make sense and are mainly demonstrating their false information arguments rather than rational thought.

Key Points

So nothing really changed in education because of Newsom. Covid came to America the same month Newsom took office. But the school and education issues caused by Covid were amplified by Republicans ignoring mask rules and abandoning The Precautionary Principle.

Some Democrats ignored the issues as well from what I could see in the attitudes and actions of citizens. But the Democratic Party at least took Covid seriously.

So, all in all, Newsom is the victim of A Benghazi like GOP attack (which as we recall lasted for years and never amounted to anything other than a distraction). Keep in mind the more the GOP confuses the American public, or even the more the Democratic Party pushes overly idealistic policy, the more Vladimir Putin and our traditional enemies can rest assured they will continue to gain power and influence while America weakens.

The result if Elder gets in office is he could do serious damage to the future of America because of the tendrils of lies that are now fomented (and fertilized) by the GOP on a daily basis. [Note: they say BS is good fertilizer and it is plentiful these days.]

The Centrist Party stands for truth in the evidence along with logic and reason to make decisions. That’s why I voted NO on the recall.

UPDATE – Sep. 9, 2021: Larry Elder; GOP challenger


Elder’s jobs claims are wrong regarding California.

California has recovered to a level of 58% of pre-covid levels.

Elder claimed Newsom can’t explain why people are leaving California.

Well, we know some Silicon Valley folks went to Austin, Texas during Covid. But in the bast 10 years. The states population has grown 2.3 million.

Elder still does not support health safety and ‘the precautionary principle’ to protect from Covid and consistently expresses a general ignorance of the science and risk factors.

Elder originally stated Joe Biden won the election fair and square, but in a Fox News interview expressed he believes there were shenanigans. That is a sophist evasion of truth and fact. First, it’s ambiguous. Second he is inferring fraud in favor of Biden but the majority of election fraud has been on the part of Republicans and Trump supporters as born out in multiple investigations.

Elder regularly makes false and misleading statements in his interviews. That is a good indication he does not care about the truth, but prefers populist arguments. Elder also uses false and misleading Trump talking points in his interviews and speeches.

Global warming: Elder uses sophist false assertions that are incorrect and misleading on issues related to global warming.

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