Voting Rights

Empowering the Vote

Two things are important to empower the vote in America.
We Need:

  1. a Centrist Party on the ballot in order to stop the trend of politicians to say one thing and do another. We need integrity.
  2. to support voting rights with secure, proven methods. This includes mail in voting and rejecting voter disenfranchisement and voter repression.

Without a strong center defending the line, the integrity of the vote suffers.

In America, we vote for our politicians based on what they say during their campaign. Once in office, they might do something other than what they said they would do during the campaign. This is a problem that is not easily fixed.

The Centrist Party is the answer to reduce the confusing rhetoric from politicians and get our nation on track to a more reasonable conversation about our needs and our rights in the community of the United States of America.

Voting Rights - The Centrist Party

Not since the civil war…

Not since the civil war in America has the United States been under such an internal threat. Protecting the right to vote, be it mail in voting during a pandemic, or mail in voting in general is required to maintain our Republic. Therefore we must reject voter suppression and disenfranchisement. Especially when there has been no significant evidence of major election fraud among the electorate.

Special Note: There was evidence of voter fraud coming from our government in the 2020 election. Efforts of those to destroy high speed mailing machines and systematic lying to overturn election results, even after multiple recounts demonstrated the results were valid…that is fraud.

Since the 50’s…

The civil rights actions of the 1950’s and 60’s empowered equal rights in the vote, but there are active efforts to erode and destroy that progress. The Centrist Party strongly opposes such disenfranchisement and suppression of voters rights.

Therefore, The Centrist Party supports voting systems and methods that do work and have been proven to be secure with minimal voter fraud.

Hence, The Centrist Party does not support new legislation that does more harm than good to voter rights. Chasing folk devils is not good policy and does not create good legislation.

Voting Rights Marchers with signs at the March on Washington 1963.

The 20th Century…

And yet here we are in a brand new century dealing with the same old problems of racism and undue prejudices born out of someones or some groups amplified sense of superiority.

Thomas Paine, when he wrote Common Sense in 1776 explained the importance of equality. How a country can be formed on the ideals of equal justice. Equal opportunity. Equal access. All these things were the basis for the American dream.

Voting rights march in North Carolina.

Voting Rights Still at Risk

In 2020 we learned there were no large scale instances of voter fraud committed by US citizens or foreign powers. That does not mean foreign powers did not try to influence the election. US intelligence found strong influence campaigns from foreign powers mainly Russia and even Iran.

Evidence indicates that there was individual instances of voter fraud, based on the evidence reviewed, mostly by Republican Trump supporters.

But when voter fraud comes from the Government…

…it’s no longer voter fraud. It’s authoritarian dictatorship.

In the 2020 election in America, the largest voter fraud campaign came from President Trump when he rejected supporting mail in voting and put Louis DeJoy in charge of the US postal service, who then destroyed millions of dollars worth of high speed mailing machines across the country clearly in order to prevent mail in votes from reaching vote counting station sin time to be counted. This action was also clearly intended to disenfranchise votes that would go to Trumps opposition. That is indicated in the analysis and is likely the basis for Trump and his advisors to support such fraudulent action.

Trumps Election Fraud

In conclusion, America, if it wishes to remain free, must reject the corrosive fraud designed to undermine the very foundations of our Republican Democratic United States of America. As it once was once said, it’s only a Republic if we can keep it.

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