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common sense< |ˌkämən ˈsens|


good sense and sound judgment in practical matters: use your common sense | [ as modifier ] : a common-sense approach.

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Common sense allows us to view issues in a pragmatic fashion. When any issue is cloaked in bias, its capacity for reason is diluted. Thus, many a bill has been compromised to favor special interest bias rather than the public good. This usually depends on who has the voting power in congress. The CP’s goal is to even the playing field by standing up for evidence and reason.

What does it mean for America

Congress is left or right. All bills suffer or gain from the tug of war between the parties. By building a strong foundation for Centrist views, we can bring a common sense perspective to policy development. Because that will yield better solutions for our country.

Common Sense Solutions

By strengthening the center, we enable solutions that reach across both sides of the aisle. Hence, we can present arguments and ideas that encompass the most reasonable views from Democrats, Republicans and Independents, as well as Centrist America. After all, solutions that work better for the people and the nation is what we need.

The American people are asking why doesn’t our government use common sense? People can see it isn’t working.

Without a Centrist Party we are bound by the extremes. Some politicians now claim to be centrist. But are they really? Sometimes they are just trying to appeal to both sides. They use rhetoric to fool the electorate. Our goal is to build a strong Centrist Foundation. That was we can ask if they stand on that foundation or not. And we will be able to see in their history and how clear they are who is telling the truth.

The Centrist Position

Enabling solutions that reach across the boundaries.

The Centrist Party aims to hold the pragmatic center. Once established the CP will be able to draw good ideas from the right and left. We will also be able to correct issues that are too extreme or not good for America. The CP can also based on our platform and strength, draw the left and right away form extremist positions.

We really can bring them to a more reasonable stance just by placing ourselves in the Center. What this means in policy considerations is that although all arguments are considered, proposals that are unduly biased, or don’t make sense, will get less attention. Awareness of “common sense”, as a rule of thought, so to speak, may increase the application of pragmatism considerate of the good of the nation in daily decisions.

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Empowering the Vote

Without centrist ground the integrity of the vote suffers.

Empowering the Vote
In America, we vote for our politicians based on what they say during their campaign. PROBLEM: Once in office, they might do something other than what they said they would do during the campaign. SOLUTION: Check their history. The old saying Leopards can’t change their spots applies easily here.
Awareness is the best defense.
Empowering people or empowering government? What about empowering reason?

Empowering The Vote Means:

Don’t fix it if in ain’t broke.

  1. Stands solidly against voter suppression. 
  2. We support mail in voting (especially during a pandemic).
  3. The CP stands solidly against voter disenfranchisement. 
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Original Intent

Our forefathers considered direct democracy when crafting the Constitution and were reticent to adopt the model. They felt that minorities may not be properly represented. In our current system it seems the biggest concerns are special interests using money and influence to sway public opinion and political direction.

Considering the Intentions of the Framers

In a real sense, the smallest minorities (corporations) seem to have largest power to manipulate policy in their favor. This disproportionate use of power and representation is not what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind when they were thinking about minority representation.

Empowering the Individual Vote

We currently operate in a federal republican representative democracy. For a country of our size and power there are advantages to this system. With proper checks and balances that are considerate of the needs of the nation/citizens, in hand with the executive powers responsibly executed.

The Centrist Party does not advocating abandoning our representative democracy. But rather, examining areas and levels of government where, direct democracy might be advantageous in the state or regional level. This works as long as the overarching principles of individual rights and the intentions of the Framers as applied in our now, more mature nation. Respecting States rights and realizing that we are the ‘United’ States of America’ under the umbrella of our Constitution is important in such consideration. America is a nation of it’s people. And we are all citizens under one Constitution.

District Level Governance

Instead of leaving the politicians in charge of all the issues, additional responsibility can be placed in the hands of the people in consideration of state and district needs. Reason dictates the interests of businesses, governance, and the people, remain balanced with regards to the short and long term needs of our nation. This includes consideration of the common good and our place and responsibility in the world with which we interact. Protecting our nation and being a good neighbor are both important considerations.

Therefore, we consider the purview of our system of governance with the intent of the framers of our Constitution. Direct democracy is not appropriate if it overrides the constitution, or the intent of respect for individual rights, which is in part the basis of our foundation.

The intention of our forefathers regarding more direct democracy was to meet the needs of the people and protect those that had less of a voice.

Increasing some, or more, direct democracy may help reduce special interest influence. Thus, adding balance to the system as long as it is employed under the auspices of our founding principles – liberty and justice for all.

How might this reduce special interest influence?

A special interest group would have to influence everyone at the same time. This is likely too expensive, so the problem is mitigated by the economics. Aspects of our governance and political system already employ more direct democratic methods, so all we need to do is identify areas where advantage exists and at what level.

Better checks and balances that are efficiently designed can also mitigate the affects of special interests and benefit the nation.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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