Empowering people or empowering government? What about empowering reason?

In keeping with our theme, we need to examine what makes sense. When people think of politics, there is a generally negative perception that comes to mind. Since politics should actually be a positive, there may be something wrong in the way things work, or the motive values. While it is true that some politicians become involved in nefarious and even illegal behavior, keep in mind that there are many people in the service of the public that are well intentioned and of high integrity.

We need to examine the construct of the system and find ways to improve it.

Conflict of Interest

The important point is understanding what it takes to become an elected official. If, too become an elected official, one must modify ones message dramatically to address special interest groups to raise money; or tailor rhetoric to a comfortable margin of ambiguity in order to reach a broad audience; or spin the rhetoric in order to address the specific group one may be addressing; then we must seriously reconsider the structure of our system.

Spin is not a unique feature in American politics. But when does it really become spin? Usually when the message delivered to get the vote is in conflict with the actual direction intended. One can see that there can be inherent conflict of interest in the motives. Having an open posture is one thing, but when it crosses the line into deception, misdirection, and manipulation, then the integrity of the vote suffers along with the spirit and intent of the Constitution.

This conflict has high potential for negative impact on the validity of an election and the policies of an elected official once the office is occupied. The standard argument from politicians is that the special interests they represent will be good for the people. This is sometimes that case and sometimes not. All relevant arguments must be considered, but truth should be the method of argument in an election not manipulation. Any politician that can not adhere to this tenet should not be in the race and does not deserve to represent the needs of the people and the nation.

After the Election

In a cursory examination of our system it seems that we empower our politicians to speak for us and then we are often disappointed when they take the ball in a different direction. We need to build in systems or methods that ensure the needs of the people are represented in a more honorable and concrete fashion.

It should not be possible for a president, or any elected representative, to so easily turn away from a path that the people, and duly appointed representatives have voted for. If a campaign is used to misrepresent intentions to gain votes, the vote essentially not valid.

When any form of manipulation or deceptive practice is used to win a vote or pass a piece of legislation or a bill, then those bills are in truth, invalid. You can’t call something the clear skies initiative when it has little or nothing to do with clear skies. That invalidates it in truth and method. Such proposals should be recognized and stricken.

Also, when a bill goes into congress it is often laden with special interest components that have less or nothing to do with the bill. These methods and tools politicians can use to push special interests and agendas through. We need to elect representatives willing to stop the wanton abuse of the needs of the people and the nation. This is the aim, goal and one of the founding principles of the Centrist Party.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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