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The Centrist Party Tenets

Principles matter. Morals matter. Integrity matters. Honor matters. Ethics matter. Truth matters. Kindness matters. Consideration matters. Community matters. Liberty matters. Fairness matters. Reality matters. Truth matters. The United States matters.

To protect, support and further justice and liberty in concert with national and societal needs. While needs and societies change, governance and its administrative responsibility does not. It is the job of governance to meet the needs of the nation and its people. Achieving higher levels of individual opportunity through education and awareness empowers independence. The Centrist Party will endeavor to promote policy based on due consideration of the Tenets to achieve these goals.


The Centrist Party supports The ‘United’ States of America. During the Constitutional Convention of 1787 the Founders and State leaders argued out the points regarding a loose conglomeration of ‘States’ verses a ‘United States’ of America.

The results: Only a ‘United’ States of America could become a truly great nation. An ‘Un-united States’ of America would leave America weaker due to its inability to make decisions on behalf on the ‘National Interest’. If each State pursued its own interest the combined power of the United States would not be possible.

Thus, as demonstrated in the US civil war, secession is neither good for America, nor is it desirable as it opposes one of the key components of what makes America a ‘Great Nation’. Therefore, the CP does not support secession of States.

The notes regarding these arguments are contained in The Federalist Papers written by Founders Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay.

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These Things Matter:


We shall endeavor to hold ourselves accountable for our own actions and recognize that governments, groups and individuals all carry the burden of responsibility for their actions in word and deed, to their best ability.


Actions speak louder than words. Actions driven by principles, value and common sense. Not relying on others to take or alleviate individual moral responsibility. We expect that government properly administrates the welfare of the nation but not that we should be a welfare nation. That individuals, governments and organizations take responsibility for decisions/actions.

Reasoned Argument

Reasoned argument allows for the examination of perspectives from various points of view and including special interests. All argument should include relevant perspectives and be weighed with the aggregate need of the people and the nation. Groups shall not be given undue influence over individual needs and the common good. Arguments should thoroughly explore relevant points weighed with the health definition.

Balance (Short & Long Term Considerations)

Examining short and long-term ramifications with regard to solution development is required. Changing circumstances alter presumptions and need to be adjusted for. Voters and politicians need to disregard the election cycle and look beyond perceptions and lobbyist favors. We need to ask what is right for the people and the nation. While extreme measures may at times be necessary, ways and means to deal with problems by well thought out planning and consideration shall be the rule of thumb.


Capitalism has historically produced a fairness and balance in economic systems. The ‘American Dream’ was based on an individuals ability to work hard and succeed in a market that finds value in ones offering. Historically this helped maintain the ‘American Dream’. Thus, due heed to the function of capitalism must not be abandoned in policy. Unfortunately ‘corporatism’ has weakened capitalism. Market entry costs are formidable. The individual ‘American Dream’ is still possible but diminished by a lack of equal access to education. And, an entirely free market capitalism can lead to ‘the tragedy of the commons‘ (the economic risk of resource depletion), which is antithetical to the purpose of a functioning capital system. Policy must balance these needs and effects.


Consideration of relevant factors and the relative health of a decision is the job of those tasked with such responsibility. Public need must not be restricted to corporate wealth building that excludes or diminishes the public need or the common good. Merit, need, resource and ramification must be considered in policy making.


Having the fortitude and the strength to deliver the needed political message, rather than the politically correct message should be adhered to at all times. Politicians should pay less attention to focus groups and polls, and stand up for what is right for the nation/region and the common good.


Relevant criticism helps develop new ideas and formulate new solutions to changing circumstances. Closed-minded policies impede progress and negatively impact effectiveness of an administration. Short and long-term consideration enable the construction and implementation of solutions prone to success and adapt to circumstance rapidly as awareness of need develops.


To hold to our moral obligation and responsibility to get things done based on pragmatism. Our duty is to ignore appeal to emotion arguments that distract from reality to pander to a particular base. Our duty is to take the harder road of explaining why we need to support things that are not necessarily popular but required to help our communities move forward. Our duty is to not engage in political gamesmanship that favors biased agendas over reason. Our duty is to rely on evidence based reasoning and not sell, or support, ideas or platforms that are contrary to the needs of the people and the nation.

Equal Rights

Equal rights were clearly an intention of Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Unfortunately due to the circumstance of the period equal rights were not as strongly held in the Constitution of the United States as had been illustrated in the apparent intention and spirit of the Declaration of Independence.

The spirit of reason and responsibility…

The Centrist perspective contains what we hope is in the spirit of reason and responsibility, as well as aligned with the brand of reasoning Jefferson imbued in the Declaration. It is not possible to know his full mind but Thomas Jefferson himself explained in 1825: “Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion.”

In consideration of Jeffersons stated intent, the Centrist goal is to promote equal access to opportunity based on merit in the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness. We include ‘reasoning, to the best of our ability’. Even that should be taken as a generalization to inspire progress in the evolution of humane civil society toward these ends, in the whole of consideration.

We hold these truths to be self-evident…

Reasoning is neither precise nor simple. That in and of itself is both a  problem  and a blessing of sorts. There is always room for improvement it seems. Our goal is to promote the spirit of the intention, inferred and/or ideal, and to support continued progress in the pursuit of equality:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, …”

These words contain the embodiment of the core of intent for the Centrist Party. That we are as a nation, the community of the United States of America. As a people and as individuals. That our purpose is to build upon that which will strengthen this intent and build toward the furtherment of these “unalienable rights”, to the best of our reasoning ability, and in line with the pursuit of greater achievement of equality and responsibility.


Facts without context can be misleading. The CP is against the misuse of facts to spin, or manipulate a message can easily mislead people. Such salesmanship, sophistry, or undue ambiguity is discouraged. The CP encourages honest debate to support positions rather than politically evasive speech that caters to voters sentiments. As able, centrists should engage and fight for evidence based, scientifically sound, well reasoned positions. And avoid a definitive stance for political expediency.


Acting in accordance with the rules or standards or in a legitimate manner considering group and individual needs as well as capacity. This includes just or appropriate action with regard to circumstance. This also includes short and long term consideration as well as individual, regional, state, national and international needs and capacities.


gal·lant·ry | ˈɡaləntrē |
noun (plural gallantries)

  1. courageous behavior, especially in battle: a medal awarded for outstanding gallantry during the raid.
  2. polite attention or respect given by men to women:

Both definitions are something we should all support with one modification on definition 2. We should all respect each other and do our best to be polite in everyday interactions. We are human and we do sometimes get quite passionate but paying attention to this may help keep conversations more productive and support getting to better solutions in general.


Is a policy or decision healthy? For the purpose of policy formation and consideration we are using the following model definition:

The Health Model Definition

  • Healthy: anything that reduces anxiety, simultaneously and/or consequentially, on an individual and/or group basis, with consideration of short, medium and long-term consequences.
  • Unhealthy: anything that increases anxiety, simultaneously and/or consequentially, on an individual and/or group basis, with consideration of short, medium and long-term consequences.

(More About Health Definition…)


Being honest is easier than being honorable. Not just saying I did, or did not say “that”, but I ‘mean’ this or that. America is tired of politicians that word craft their way in and out of positions and rely on popularity polls to figure out what they need to say next to pander to some special interest, or manipulate the electorate to get more votes or support for a piece of misnamed, mis-intentioned legislation. Political spin erodes the integrity of the vote and certainly that of the politician. To honor the electorate, candidates need to be motivated by the strength of their honorable and well-reasoned convictions.


To demand respect, rather than earn respect, as a method of governance is a mistake, which has been repeated throughout history. It has always resulted in the downfall of civilizations. Mistakes are not to be hidden, but communicated in order to increase wisdom. Hiding mistakes or using spin to characterize them in a misleading manner in order to foist the perception or illusion of a strong leader, is a terrible precedent to set. We need strong leaders, not ones that just want to look like strong leaders.


While the human mind is subject to various degrees of influence, we shall endeavor to increase awareness through reasoned argument, education and application of common sense. We must not confuse dissent with disloyalty (Edward R. Murrow). Questioning our leaders is as patriotic as respecting the rights of individuals to dissent or agree as they so choose. Common sense should always be our guide.


The development of the individual is held as the highest goal, above any group. Education is key. The richness and rewards of reason become stronger in a more empowered electoral base and enable a more reasonable government and economic environment. The founders of our nation sought to reduce group influence over individual rights through responsible governance.


Strength of conviction and an open mind are keys. Strength does not mean stubbornness, and leadership does not mean illusion. Pretending to change ones mind merely to gain political favor with voters is dishonest and dishonorable. At the same time, changing ones mind to adapt to the needs of the people to represent the needs of the people defines integrity. How are we to decide in the torrent of spin we are subjected to? To divine the difference is the challenge we face when listening to politicians and awareness of the problem is key to the solution.


A just or justice response is fair and reasonable administration of law or authority. For justice to occur one needs fair and reasonable laws. For laws to be applied fair and reasonably one needs honesty and honor to the basic code of law enforcement. Generally this means to protect and serve. If a police officer lies on a police report to make himself look better and a suspect worse, then we should recall the notion that if the law breaks the law, then there is no law. Justice requires honor and fairness in the process from law creation, to application of law, to honorable policing, to an honorable judiciary. And all of this requires a society that upholds these principles.


Keep It Simple Stupid. It’s not as new a statement as you might think. In fact it derives from another statement: ‘Entia non sunt multiplicinda praetor necestatum’. Meaning entities should not be multiplied more than necessary. Yet, as with open-mindedness, we should not oversimplify. Doing so risks missing important aspects of an argument. Of course Einstein gave it his own twist saying ‘keep things as simple as possible, but not too simple, so as to avoid missing important parts.’ The Quote: “Make it as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


Liberty was written into the declaration of independence by Thomas Jefferson. Some who study constitutional law believe that was a stretch. But others see it as a beacon. Or as a light that Jefferson lit so we could have a goal. A direction. But it is in fact an ideal. Perfect liberty for all individuals can not exist in a Republican Democratic society. That would be anarchy. If each citizen did everything their own way and that was ‘legal’ then there would be no societal law. Argumetum ad infinitum. Thus, liberty must be weighed and balanced between freedom and law to enable society to function together and as individuals. Regulations are required to ensure ‘liberty and justice for all’.


Being open-minded is critical to a fast changing environment. Flexibility and adaptation to new circumstances allows new understanding and methods to develop. Yet, as the saying goes, one should not be so open-minded as to let ones brains fall out. Issues must always be considered in relevant context including relevant scope to properly address a given problem.


Dealing with things sensibly and realistically in a way that is based on practical rather than theoretical considerations: a pragmatic approach to politics. Solutions, policy and action must not bow to the fanciful notions or ideals of rhetoric, disinformation, misinformation or special interest and political agendas. Nor should it bow to unreasonable dictates not in the public interest, extremist positions, or narrow vision. Towards justice and honor and to secure a more just society based on the rule of law that includes reason and consideration of the health of a decision, public need, economic stability, and short and long-term ramifications, choices and decisions must included the process of administrating the public needs of the nation and the people.


One of the goals of the Centrist Party is to uphold traditional American Values. As outlined herein the tenets above and heretofore. The principles that we uphold for honor, humility, duty to nation, community, family. Honesty, justice, acting in good faith. Not lying, Not cheating. Looking out for ourselves and looking out for our neighbors. Not forgetting that we are THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. All for one and one for all.


Well-reasoned understanding results from exercising the tenets when approaching any given policy consideration. By applying the scope of the tenets with and open approach and communicating with involved entities, a well-reasoned policy is developed to meet the needs of the nation and the people.


That the Action of government should be primarily to administrate the needs of the nation and its people without undue influence from groups. That government actions should be founded in  simplifying the manner of regulation with the goal of fair and equal opportunity gained by work and intellect for individuals, not special interest groups. 


Definition: in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit. The motive factors for advancement of well reasoned policy must include multiple factors. short and long term considerations including ramifications and the law of unintended consequences. The welfare of the nation and the people. The strength of our economy in relation to the aforementioned. The degree of justice and fairness in the scope of law and good order. That means ensuring equal access to opportunity and equal application of law and justice. We are all Americans, there can be no inequality in application if we are to claim we are a fair and just society.


Conviction tempered by wisdom with humility and open-mindedness empowers reason within circumstance. Strength comes from challenges, not lethargy. To lay down ones sword, be it the sword of reason or the sword of battle, is to accept defeat and slavery to the will of those that would impose upon our lack of will to stand and argue, or fight for that which we believe and that which we can own in our consciousness.


That value is not just an economic principle but also a life principle, and that the value of our actions as well as our interactions should be considered fully. That our communities, our homes and our friendships should all be considerate of value, equity, balance and fairness. In this we may find a better way to exist as individuals, families and as a nation.


The traditional values of America include all of the above generally speaking. The Centrist Party will always ask all citizens to strive to uphold these values. To encourage a better society. To disregard policy that reduces equality and respect for each other as human beings. To fight against racism and uphold justice in line with law and order. To push back against those that would lie and cheat and steal their way into power and position. To fight against special interests that are trying to steal away ‘The American Dream’.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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