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Frequently Asked Questions

The Centrist Party FAQ section is a collection of answers designed to address those questions most frequently received or deemed important to assist in understanding certain perspectives and current status of operations.

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The Centrist Party (CP) FAQ’s:


1. What can I do to help? 

Answer: Join the effort. We are developing our systems to organize. In the mean time, the best thing we all can do right now talk to our friends. America is at risk because of the two party system. We absolutely need an evidence based reasonable Centrist party. Let’s talk about politics that make sense.  

2. Platform Development? 

Answer: The platform includes the tenets of the party as well as the platform planks. 

3. Policy Development? 

Answer: The CP is concerned with many issues. We will release planks as we vet them. Our goal is to deal with the most fundamental Issues pertaining to the common good, and efficient, effective governance.

4. Candidates? 

Answer: The CP is developing a candidate vetting system and how to achieve state ballots. In the mean time we recommend supporting candidates that you can verify are not overly influenced by special interest influence. More importantly, CP looks for candidates that ‘walk the walk’. Forget about those that ‘talk the talk’. They are mostly just full of hot air.

5. How big is the Centrist Party?

Questions about structure and logistics: 

Answer: The CP does not provide logistical information about internal operations, or members.

Financing: The CP shall/will/does comply with FEC requirements for reporting as applicable. Information can be attained from http://www.fec.gov when/as available.

6. What does the Centrist Party stand for? 

Answer: The CP is about sensible administration of the public good without inappropriate influence from special interests.

Hence, the CP is about effective efficient government that addresses the common good as well as state and national needs.

Furthermore: the CP is against campaigns based on undue personal attacks.  Especially when they are ambiguous fabrications. However, based on solid evidence, it is fair game to attack candidate positions and the integrity, or lack thereof, in candidate claims. Addressing issues and integrity is a reality of political campaigns. One often can not address one without dealing with the other.

Additionally, we all want candidates of the highest integrity and honor. This includes a candidates grasp of issues and reality. If they are focused on populist statements instead of real issues. Ignore them. All Centrist candidates must be focused on reality, ethics, honor, integrity and meeting the needs of our districts, states, and the nation.

7. Does the CP support Equal Rights? 

Answer: The CP supports equal rights and equal access to opportunity in consideration of ability and effort, justice and betterment. Therefore, the CP supports policy that helps achieve these ends, but is generally not in favor of handouts without responsibility. In other words, the CP supports that which returns the greatest benefit for it’s citizens and the country considered together. CP is focused on a fair and equitable playing field. A truly great country can be measured by how equally it embraces, supports and enables equal justice and the rights and opportunity of it’s citizens to prosper.

8. International issues? 

Answer: The CP supports policy that protects the individual and common good of The United States of America. Additionally, the CP supports partnership with nations and peoples that support the ideals of equality and justice as achievable. The playing field is always in flux and policy needs to be based on short and long term considerations.

9. Hot button issues? 

Answer: The Centrist Party stands on the planks of the platform. Hot button issues are typically used by politicians based on personal or constituent perspectives (often both). Therefore, without full vetting hot button issues will remain in the purview of the candidates. The CP will stand on the founding planks, the law, and fairness in justice.

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Retrospective: Climate – US Issues

This page shows some old data from the original CP website that still holds up and give us perspective on where we are today.

Retrospective: Energy – 2000-2008

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Trump Knew Covid-19 More Deadly Than Flu on Feb. 7, 2020

In examining the statutes for murder in America it seems clear that Donald Trump caused death by willfully distracting the American public by downplaying the pandemic, while admitting he knew it was much deadlier than the flu. This begs the question, could there be a class action lawsuit against Donald J. Trump for ignoring his responsibility to protect the American people by putting his own agenda before that or the people?

Does Wearing a Mask Help?

On Feb. 07, 2020, Donald Trump said emphatically this virus was a killer, was aerosolized and would even hurt children. Then he lied repeatedly to the American people saying it would magically go away, just so he could avoid a panic (he said). The end result is more people dying, more people being infected, and more panic. That is truly bad leadership.

Trumps Been Instigating Civil War The Whole Time

This piece was recorded July 26, 2020. It is unfortunately still relevant. Trump went from fomenting civil disobedience in his initial campaign and first three years, to instigating civil war this year. By sending federal troops into cities and abusing national guard troops as well as border patrol in federal police actions, Trump has officially begun attacking and harassing and arresting American Citizens, often circumventing police procedure and miranda rights.

Fact Check On Trumps NOT The Greatest Economy

Simply put, without going into the whole history of US economics, since Truman, Johnson, Kennedy, Clinton Reagan, Carter, Eisenhower, Nixon & Ford all had higher GDP performance that Donald Trump. And that’s only eight that did better than Donald. If you go back further, Donny gets pushed even further down the list. So, no Trump did not produce the greatest economy and yes, he continues to lie to his supporters about it.

The Wolf Pelosi Stimulus Bill Argument

Sure everyone makes mistakes, but when it happens on important issues one hopes that the mistakes are corrected so that we can all learn and do better. Wolf Blitzer made a mistake in an interview with Nancy Pelosi. Then he compounded the mistake because he did not grasp that she was trying to inform him that his context was way off base. This piece delves into the context.

My Conservative Centrist Independent Democratic Republican Vote

Yes, I am a traditional conservative (but I’m also centrist, independent, democratic and republican). I was raised Catholic/Christian. As an adult I have remained focused on the values I was taught and that which I learned from the church. There were bumps in the road but I survived them and continue to try my best to do what is right, ethical, moral and just.

Election & Voter Fraud Starring Donald Trump – Season 4

Welcome to the Trumpman Show Episode #22,000 something. This episode is called Election and Voter Fraud 2020, starring Donald J. Trump. Trumps character as POTUS will use his classic Trump University acting method where he relies on RICO style action methods to pull off yet another amazing coup….

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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