This piece was recorded July 26, 2020. It is unfortunately still relevant. Trump went from fomenting civil disobedience in his initial campaign and first three years, to instigating civil war this year. By sending federal troops into cities and abusing national guard troops as well as border patrol in federal police actions, Trump has officially begun attacking and harassing and arresting American Citizens, often circumventing police procedure and miranda rights.

This move is NOT like Hitler in the 40’s. But it is like Hitler in the early 30’s. In fact it is practically a mirror image of how Hitler took power and rose to Chancellor in 1933 and Führer in 1934. The technique Trump uses is the same, an acceleration of intimidation and usage of power.

Note: The police officer pictured here is not only aiming at the media crew, he is actively shooting them with pepper bullets. There have now been hundreds of incident reports across America of media being targeted and harassed by police. This is Hitler’s America. This is Trump’s America.

Keep in mind that Ivana Trump, Donald’s first wife said that he only read one book. He kept it on his bedside table are read it diligently. That book she said, was a copy of Hitlers speeches. Donald quite apparently was studying up on how to rise to power and become Führer.

This is likely why he has spent so much time and energy attacking our first amendment rights. Saying the media is the enemy of the people, and even saying/inferring that anyone that speaks out against him, is treasonous.

Hitler used the Brown Shirts to intimidate and wreak havoc to keep people in line across Germany. Trump this year started using our own military and police to attack, arrest and intimidate the American people.

Trump is trying to take over America, all available evidence shows Donald Trump has clearly lost this election. And now he is asking ‘his’ people to fight back.

The messages in Trumps emails this past few days are:

  • “Our Republic is under attack”
  • “President Trump needs you to step up and defend Georgia.”
  • “We’re doing everything we can to FIGHT BACK, but we can’t do it without you.”
  • Don Jr. “America needs to WAKE UP”
  • Eric Trump: “My father is counting on you to FIGHT BACK”

Federal Judges across the nation have said Trump has not shown any real evidence of voter fraud. Trump is trying to steal the election while saying the Democrats are trying to steal the election. Typical Trump as he accuses others of what he is doing.

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