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The Centrist Party

Established to:

  • Break the stalemate between the left and right
  • Enable solutions that work now and in the future
  • Bring balance to the field of American politics
  • Give voters and politicians in the center a strong foundation not weakened by extreme far left/right arguments.
  • Provide the foundation/forum for voters and politicians in the center to express their views without undue bias from special interests.


Special interests pour millions of dollars each year into shaping legislation. Theyregularly promote policies and laws ‘NOT’ in the public interest. For the most part this is to their own benefit and sold to ‘us’ as a benefit to America. And yes sometimes there is some benefit but undue influence reduces competition in capitalism, and thus increases cost. This is the swamp we all reject. It is important that people realize both parties (left and right) are enmeshed in their own special interest bases. And those bases only support politicians willing to tow the party lines.

The Swamp

Special interests are pouring millions of dollars each year into shaping legislation and promoting policies and laws not in the public interest. We the people need to realize both parties (left and right) are enmeshed in their own special interests. 

Many, or some politicians operate in this system with best intentions. But it is essential we realize the way things are working now reduces the effectiveness of those intentions.

Citizen Apathy, Frustration & Fear

Americans have been frustrated with government for actually a few decades. Things have been getting worse in many Americans since the 1970’s.

Hence, citizens became more frustrated and low voter turnout became persistent.

Notably, when someone who spends only two to three hours a day working. And spends the rest of his time watching TV and golfing…. All the while lying to America about most everything…. While simultaneously using the office of the President to keep himself out of jail and prevent independent investigations….
When that person runs for re-election relying on populist argumentation to enrage his supporters to the point of incitement to insurrection, more voters come out to vote.

Furthermore, those voters that come out in force focus on defeating what they think are the extreme views of the ‘other’ side.

Keep In Mind:

The system that the Founders designed failed us because we allowed special interests (the swamp) to take over the country. They changed the rules of play over decades. And recently tehyfocus on warping our understanding of reality. We are going to have to do much better than that.

A UCSB Analysis indicated voter turnout rose to 62% in 2020.

For this data set: 38% to 47% of eligible voters are not voting.

Other studies indicate:

  • 66.2% [Pew Research Center]
  • 66.8% [Brookings Institute]

The CP’s goal is to increase informed voter turnout. Accordingly, our goal is to increase critical thinking. Uninformed votes are a danger to America and our Republic Democracy. Psychology tells us no matter what you/we think we know, 90% of the time we are wrong.  Thus, one of our main goals is to promote HOW TO UNDERSTAND. That means we need to LEARN how to parse evidence. We the people need to be aware that our OPINION about what we ‘think’ is right, could easily be wrong.

US Voter Turnout 1976-2020

Citizen apathy can cause low voter turnout. Populism and the fear of populism can cause higher voter turnout. What continues to become more clear is that we need the Centrist Party. And we need a better informed vote.

Further, frustration seems a common denominator in low voter turnout as well as in high(er) voter turnout. It seems when people are frustrated enough, they are more willing to vote though.

Voter Suppression & Fraud

Similarly, voter suppression and what amounts to direct voter fraud supported by the President is now  a thing.  Such as putting someone in charge of the post office just to destroy high speed mail machines.  Claiming massive fraud when is’s really minimal fruad. Pushing voter supression rules to disenfranchise some voters. And fighint against the safest way to vote, by mail, during a dealdly pandemic. This is a direct fraud from teh very politicians that are suppsed to be protecting us. And ll teh while lying to us to make us think thay are doing this ‘FOR’ us. Absurd at best. All these things do damage to voter confidence.

The two party system itself limits choice to left and right. Most Americans are effectively centrist and independent (40-43% on average register independent). Consequently, without a Centrist Party, there is not enough political choice on teh ballot. Power seems no longer with the people, but with lobbyists entrenched in partisan corruption and control.

It is clear ‘the people’ must intervene to save our beloved country. Our democracy. And our potential as a people, and a nation. Otherwise, it will remain in the hands of the political influence of special interests and the influence they hold over our leaders. It seems of late that special interests, and very large contributions, are causing we the people to fall victim to populism and demagoguery. We need a pragmatic Centrist Party.


Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

Laying a foundation of reason and common sense. Let’s just call it pragmatism. That is how we beat the special interests and lobbyists. By leveling the playing field with seemingly forgotten skills, common sense, reason.

sPolls, old and new, still indicate we need a ‘Centrist Party’.

  • 73% agree that “it would be a good idea for this country to have more choices in the 2008 election than just Republican and Democratic candidates.”
  • 82% agree “America has become so polarized between Democrats and Republicans that Washington can’t seem to make progress solving the nation’s problems.”

Without an actual Centrist Party, any attempt at maturing the political environment would likely fall short. In the current political environment, politicians can lie about being centrist and after they are elected meander back to their special interest base. They are more interested in catering to where their funding comes from than serving the people. Creating a centrist foundation significantly strengthens the integrity and ability of politicians to campaign on, and maintain centrist political views. Hence, The Centrist Party ‘IS’ what we need.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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