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Frequently Asked Questions

by cpadmin last modified Nov 08, 2020 07:34 PM
The Centrist Party FAQ section is a collection of answers designed to address those questions most frequently received or deemed important to assist in understanding certain perspectives and current status of operations.

The Centrist Party (CP) FAQ's:

  1. What can I do to help? Answer: Join the effort. We are developing the system, but the best thing you can do right now is get your friends together and have a good discussion about why we need politics that make sense. Join the Centrist Party.
  2. Questions about Platform: Answer: The platform is a system rather than a set of issues (see Platform Guidelines). Issues are included when reasonably vetted (subscribe to newsletter updates in your member profile). We are getting ready to push out defined planks. This will help us move forward.
  3. Questions about Platform and Policy Development: Answer: Development is in process. While we are concerned with many issues, we do not release policy statements until a reasonable amount of research is completed. At the same time it is our goal is to deal with the most fundamental Issues pertaining to the common good and efficient, effective governance.
  4. Questions about Candidates: Answer: The CP is developing a candidate vetting system and how to achieve state ballots. In the mean time we recommend supporting candidates that you can verify are not overly influenced by special interest influence.
  5. How big is the Centrist Party (questions about structure and logistics): Answer: The CP does not provide logistical information about internal operations, or members.
  6. Questions about financing: The CP complies with FEC requirements for reporting. Information can be attained from
  7. What does the Centrist Party stand for? Answer:
    1. The CP is about sensible administration of the public good without inappropriate influence from special interests.
    2. The CP is about effective efficient government that addresses the common good of the people in conjunction with state and national needs.
    3. The CP is against campaigns based on undue personal attacks, especially when they are ambiguous fabrications. However, based on solid evidence, it is fair game to attack candidate positions and the associated integrity or lack thereof in candidate claims. Addressing issues and integrity is a reality of political campaigns. One often can not address one without dealing with the other. In the end, we all want candidates of the highest integrity and honor including a candidates grasp of issues and ability to analyze and formulate plans that meet the needs of our districts, states, and the nation.
  8. Does the CP support rights for gays, blacks, women, etc. Answer: The CP supports equal rights and equal access to opportunity in consideration of ability and effort, justice and betterment. The CP supports policy that helps achieve these ends, but is generally not in favor of handouts without responsibility and good return on investment. In other words the CP supports that which returns the greatest benefit by founding the opportunity to earn ones way on a fair and equitable playing field. A truly great country can be measured by how equally it embraces, supports and enables the rights and opportunity of it's people to succeed.
  9. What is the CP's stance on international issues? Answer: The CP supports policy that protects the individual and common good of The United States of America and those nations and peoples that support the ideals of equality and justice as achievable. The playing field is always in flux and policy needs to be based on short and long term considerations.
  10. What is the CP stance on hot button issues? Answer: The Centrist Party stands on the seven planks of the platform. Hot button issues are typically used by politicians based on personal or constituent perspectives (often both). Therefore, without full vetting the issue of hot button issues will remain in the purview of the candidates. The CP will stand on the founding planks and the law. Hot button issues include the likes of abortion, flag burning, etc.

CP Social Media

This is an interesting area. Social media is a two edged sword, it can be used to inform and misiform. Using these platforms supports individuals that have worked against our American Federal Republican Democracy. Never the less we do utilise these platforms at this time although we are working on a more honorable method as feasible. Who knows, that might just be email.

Links to CP & related content:

CP News/Perspectives FAQ's

  1. Question: Why do you use The Daily Show (John Stewart), and Colbert Nation (Steven Colbert) videos in the news section? Some conservatives are concerned about the use of these videos, and others are concerned about how serious is the CP when they use comedic videos as an information source. This will likely be phased out in next system iteration. Answer:
    1. While considered left leaning both shows have shown consistency in addressing inadequacies on either side of the aisle.
    2. They have a good record of attacking issues on both sides of the aisle and as well as providing unique perspectives on a given issue.
    3. In an entertaining manner they combine the seriousness of issues at hand, while providing the audience illustrative context and perspective.
    4. Funny, informative, and thought provoking is a good combination.
    5. The degree or amount of focus on one side or the other is generally dictated by the degree or amount of ironic material that is generated from the various sources (Democrats, Republicans, Media, various other groups or individuals).

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