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The Centrist Party:

Fiscal, Social and National Responsibility

Firstly, and of highest importance, The American Centrist Party is about taking a solid stand on strong principles. This effort has been underway since the early 90’s when Dr. Jonas Salk and John Reisman first discussed the need for a Centrist Party. Hence, now there are other groups and individuals that are trying to claim they are centrist. But if they do not take a strong stance and reject moderate policy wherever possible, they are not Centrists. They are moderates.

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The Centrist Party is Not Moderate

The Centrist Party is about taking the strongest stance possible based on evidence and reason in order to protect the interests of the citizens of the United States and the principles of our Constitution.

Some think centrism is about compromising, or moderation. The Centrist Party (CP) is considerate of such things, but ONLY when no other options exist. Hence, centrism is more about:

  • Achieving common sense solutions that fit current and future needs,
  • ensuring the public trust,
  • serving the common good,
  • and securing the nation.

CP policy addresses short and long term needs. This includes, fiscal and social responsibility balanced with personal responsibility and capacity tied to performance and progress.

The Centrist Party Position
The Centrist Party Position in a Venn Diagram
Philosophical Overview

The Centrist Party supports candidates and public policies that enable:

  • The development of free enterprise
  • Reasonably limited government
  • Individual liberty balanced with localc community
  • Protecting the common good and well being of the public at large

Candidate Policy

The party shall endeavor to provide a solid foundation for candidates who abide the platform tenets, reject special interests, and keep the common good of the public first and foremost in policy determinations.

Candidate Principles

The Centrist Party supports candidates and legislation that provides reasonable and pragmatic solutions. Policy must support the public interest and the strength of the nation.


The Centrist Party (CP) opposes the abuse of government by representatives that offer legislation that is self-serving or intended to aid in re-election rather than support the public interest. The CP does not support candidates, propositions or policies that enable the agenda of special interest groups while sacrificing the common good of the general public and the national interest of the United States of America.

Free markets have important self regulatory qualities and government should act in a discretionary manner in order to support free market mechanisms. Well reasoned policies will actively stabilize the economy over the business cycle in order to enable healthier and sustainable economic potentials. Certain derivative markets, properly regulated, have illustrated such stabilizing effects in the 20th century. Monitoring market changes, regulation and capacity, in relation to supply, demand and resource capacity, provides a basis for longer term considerations.
Initiatives, Propositions and Policy

The Centrist Party supports initiatives and propositions in line with ‘The Centrist Manifesto‘ support its mission statement and platform goals. CP will endorse or oppose such initiatives, propositions and policy based on these guidelines.

Government Reform

The Centrist Party is in favor of government and campaign reform with open primaries and redistricting rules devised and supervised by independent council.

Responsibility of Elected Officials

All elected officials have a responsibility to the public interest and the common good, not merely the good of those who voted for them. Common Sense in policy direction should be the rule.

Elected office is not to be taken advantage of for special interests.

Campaign spin and promises should be the gauge of impeachment or recalls. Whistle-blowing regarding ‘nefarious and/or illegal’ deceit of any kind, by an elected official regarding intention and motive, regarding public issues shall be encouraged and protected.

Special Interest Groups

The Centrist Party is opposed to the ‘undue’ influence of special interest groups in the making of public policy.

However, groups consist of the intentions of people and free speech and a free press remains a bedrock principle of America’s founding.

Industry PAC’s, unions, religious groups and extreme political ideology are all considered to be special interest groups. Separating undue influence of political campaigns and politicians is an important goal of the Centrist Party. In other words we need to GET THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS.

Candidate Endorsement

The Centrist Party may/shall endorse candidates that abide the tenets of the party and support the mission statement and goals of the party. Candidates must reject undue special interest influence and support the welfare of the public and national interest.

Candidates should have a track record of working with people of different political backgrounds. A canddiates reputation must be verifiable.

Mainstream America

Thus, our goal is to empower the center. After all, this gives Americans a more effective voice in government. Most Americans realize our political system is becoming increasingly dysfunctional. Hence our nation needs leadership free of special interest control and long entrenched relationships. For instance, if we keep replacing leaders but never get around to fixing the systemic issues that corrupt the process, then the problem will remain. Therefore, we the people need to get control of this mess. That meane we need The Centrist Party in our government.

What Not To Do

Putting new people in charge of a broken machine does not fix the machinery. We need checks and balances that are free of undue, or improper influence. We need political reform. We need policy reform. And we need structural reform.

The Power Of The Vote

Apparently the only people that can accomplish this are the voters. The politicians we have are not getting it done.

We can’t expect the foxes to guard the hen house and not raid the house when the doors are open.

The Power Of The People

People must drive the effort. The Centrist Party will add the tie breaking vote to the mix. Once we stand up a few Senators and Congresspeople we will be able to draw the conversation and the policy toward a more evidence based approach and away from the toxic rhetoric that is poisoning the conversation.

It won’t be easy. Nevertheless, this is the task at hand, and it is up to us to take it on. The Centrist Party exists as a common sense solution in a polarized world.

Unite America with The Centrist Party

Enough is enough. We must unite to reclaim our government. Join the Centrist Party. Work together to heal our nation and return balance in governance and common sense for the nation and the people.

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