Our best advice for a Centrist voter guide is both simple and challenging. You’ve got to try to determine how much of what a politician is saying is hot air just trying to win your vote, or reasonable stance based on true convictions that the candidate is going to fight for…

And that’s not easy. We can likely all remember times when politicians promised they were going to do something or fight for something, typically because that ‘something’ was popular among the targeted voting base, and then later evaded the issue. That can happen for many reasons from they were ignorant about the underlying context and complexity and thus took a naive position based on their ignorance, or what seems to be the political standard, they simply did it to get your vote.

Let’s face it. Most of it is politically evasive hot air to avoid a particular stance that might get between one constituency and another. That is not what we consider Centrist though. While ideal candidates are pretty hard to find we want to recommend using the tenets and the best judgement you can muster as a guide to the 2014 vote.

Since we do not yet have a research capability to cover all races in all states we encourage Centrist voters to exercise their best judgment with regard to what is the most reasonable stance in accord with the principles of Centrist Party and with consideration of short and log term advantages weighed carefully.

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