Our forefathers considered a direct democracy when crafting the Constitution and were reticent to adopt the model as they felt that minorities may not be properly represented. In our current system it seems that the biggest concerns are special interests that use money and influence to sway public opinion and political direction.

Considering the intentions of the Framers of our Constitution.

In a real sense, the smallest minorities (corporations) seem to have tremendous power to manipulate policy in their favor. This disproportionate use of power and representation is probably not what the Framers of the Constitution had in mind when they were thinking about minority representation.

Empowering the individual vote.

We currently operate in a representative democracy. For a country of our size and power there are advantages to representative democracy, with proper checks and balances that are considerate of the needs of the nation, in hand with the executive powers responsibly executed.

The Centrist Party is not advocating abandoning representative democracy but examining areas or levels of government where, direct democracy might be advantageous at the state, or even regional level. This would work as long as the overarching principles of individual rights and the intentions of the Framers as applied in our now, more mature nation. Respecting States rights and realizing that we are the ‘United’ States of America under the umbrella of our Constitution is important in such consideration.

Instead of leaving the politicians in charge of all the issues, additional responsibility can be placed in the hands of the people in consideration of state and district needs. Reason dictates that the interests of businesses, governance, and the people, remain balanced with regards to the short and long term needs of our nation in consideration of the common good and our place and responsibility in the world.

This is the purview of our system of governance and may be in line with the intent of the framers of our Constitution. Direct democracy is not appropriate if it overrides the constitution, or the intent of respect for individual rights, which is in part the basis of its foundation.

The intention of our forefathers regarding more direct democracy was to meet the needs of the people and protect those that had less of a voice.

Increasing direct democracy in some areas may reduce special interest influence and add balance to the system as long as it is employed under the auspices of our founding principles – liberty and justice for all.


How might this reduce special interest influence?

A special interest group would have to influence everyone at the same time. This is likely too expensive, so the problem is mitigated by the economics. Aspects of our governance and political system already employ more direct democratic methods, so all we need to do is identify areas where advantage exists and at what level.

Better checks and balances that are efficiently designed can also mitigate the affects of special interests and benefit the nation.

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