Trump and Trump Admin loyalists have been saying, hinting, hoping… it looks like… things are better. Things are improving, maybe we are getting this ‘contained’. Misleading the American people is a breach of public trust. That is actually impeachable. But Trump with 38 federal convictions now has control of the Senate and the Justice Department. Though he is a career criminal, he’s feeling pretty safe.

And America suffers for his avarice.

Words Matter: Trump and his Trumpeters are talking containment. Like we are getting SARS-COV-2 contained. But that is the wrong term to use. They do it because they want people to think they have this under control. Let’s be clear, the virus is still in control. We still do not have a vaccine, clinically tested treatment, and a lot of folks are still not being careful with other peoples lives. The better term would be control, or degrees of control.

[Correction Notice: The graphic representation of the China Covid-19 cases was found to be less than shown in the graphic in the clip. The new cases did rise, but not as much as the graphic indicated. The data issue is corrected in the below graphic.]


China Covid-19 cases data correction

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