The term ‘exponential spread’ regarding the coronavirus might be confusing to some. Essentially it means the virus can spread faster, ‘and faster’ as it spreads. For example if something spreads 1 at a time, that is a linear spread.

Think about how many times you touch things when you go shopping. Think about how many times someone else might have touched the same things you just touched. Each touch, combined with how many other times someone else touched that same thing… well, you get the point.

Risk Factors:

Each touch is part of an exponential ‘risk’ factor. Every time you touch a door handle. How many other people that might be carrying the virus touched that handle?

Every time you touch someone else. How many times might that person have been exposed to others that may be infected with the virus?

Every time you go shopping and pick up a product, and then decided not to buy it and put it back. How many other people might have done that as well?

What about the register clerks? How many times do they touch things, that others might have touched, that might be infected with the virus?

Don’t be scared, be safe. By increasing your awareness you can help others increase their awareness about ‘exponential risk’ factors.

By reducing or not having visitors in your home, you reduce the exponential risk factors they have encountered. Reducing these factors isn’t easy. But it does protect you, your loved ones, your friends and yes, even the economy. Because the faster and safer we get through this, the sooner we can begin normalizing.

Think about:

  • Wearing gloves in public

  • Wearing a mask ‘Masks are cool’
  • Washing your hands often
  • Don’t touch your face when out and about
  • Keep social distancing ‘two meters’
  • Carry and use a cloth to cough or sneeze into, or
  • Cough into your elbow
  • Kids, they touch everything/everyone (wash, wash, wash 🙂

Be careful, be safe.

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