Healthcare risks from vaping seem to be more immediate than the risks from smoking regular cigarettes. Instead of waiting decades to die, now you have the opportunity to die much faster.

The risk to health and well being are indicated to be even higher than the risk to health with normal cigarettes. Keep in mind there is essentially no regulation requiring tobacco companies from putting any toxin in a cigarette or an e-cigarette. Cigarettes in any form are toxic to the body. The tobacco lobby has done an excellent job of convincing people young and old that smoking tobacco products is cool and fashionable for many decades. They have used everything from sexy ads to cartoons to lure people to buy their products.

The Benefits of Vaping

Not only do you get to suffer from many diseases and disorders from using these products. You get the added benefit of spending your own money to make yourself more poor, while making the folks that are providing you with the addictive substance much richer.

Instead of a cost benefit relationship, this is more of a ‘how much money can I give them before I die from their products’ kind of thing.

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