Centrist News – September 28, 2019: Overview and context of Trumps phone call with the president of Ukraine with and related issues to Brexit, Putin, Manafort, etc. Smoking, Vaping and Healthcare.  

Foreign Policy Gets Trumped

  • 00:32 Politics: Trumps phone call with the president of Ukraine.
  • 02:20 Security: Trump states he’s ok with foreign influence.
  • 04:09 Politics: Democrats are pushing towards impeachment
  • 04:38 Economy: Trump threatens delisting Chinese Stocks
  • 05:17 Economy: Trade Deficit
  • 05:49 Security: Sovereignty (internal verses external)

Measuring Trumps Lies

& JustHow Much He Loves Dictators and Hates The Truth

  • 07:11 Security: Trumps lies shown in a ratio
  • 08:25 Security: Trumps self-sovereignty ignores national security
  • 09:04 Security: Trump trusts foreign dictators more than US Intel
  • 10:20 Security: Whistleblowers protect from enemies foreign and domestic
  • 11:00 Security: Trump admits to trusting Putin over US Intel
  • 11:38 Security: Opening the impeachment process based on security threats

Lowering The Barr

  • 12:15 Security: AG Barr is clearly working as Trumps personal attorney.
  • 13:00 Politics: The world is clearly laughing at Trump and America
  • 13:53 Security: Trumps phone call fact checking

Let Us Not Forget Trumps Swamp Buddies

  • 15:06 Politics: Nigel Farage and his Brexit connections (Assange,Putin)
  • 16:10 Security: Mueller Report, tax returns, the endless audit
  • 16:42 Security: Paul Manafort, Ukraine, Trump, Farrage, Assange, Putin (Trumps Swamp)
  • 17:50 Security: Trumps history of crime in context
  • 18:24 Healthcare: Cigarettes, Vaping risks, cancer, disease disorders – END REPORT

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