Centrist News: July 4, 2019 Understanding how politicians and trusted sources can trick us through Sophistry; Trumps Fake Campaign Ads; Cryptocurrency and sophistry; Unemployment, Fake News and US employment data; N. Korea and Trumps interesting change of heart; Foreign influence of the President of the United States.

Understanding Sophisticated Lies

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 00:32 Sophistry: How to understand trickery.
  • 01:00 Definition of sophistry
  • 01:32 Examples of False Logic and False Equivalence

Trump Faking his Fake News Isn’t Fake

  • 02:10 Fake News & Trumps Fake News
  • 02:32 Trumps Fake News ‘Campaign Ads’
  • 03:08 Fake Thomas: From Turkey
  • 03:46 Fake Tracey: The Mediterranean Model
  • 04:26 “Actual Testimonial, Actor Portrayal
  • 04:58 Trumps Fake Ads Sophistry

Plato Really Nailed It

  • 05:55 Intro to Plato’s ‘The Sophist’ A deeper look
  • 06:38 ‘Theaetetus’ discusses sophistry with the ‘Stranger’
  • 07:38That special kind of Stupidity
  • 09:00 ‘The imitative art of reasoning’
  • 09:36 Caution & Conservatism

The Dunning/Kruger Effect

  • 10:00 Christopher Chabris and Dunning/Kruger
  • 10:28Trusted Sources’ and populist argumentation
  • 11:04 It’s not all fake news, but some is fake and some is dramatized

The Crypto Craze Con(fusion)

  • 12:14 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Libra (Zuckerca$h)
  • 12:35 The Libertarian argument
  • 13:43 Crime & Cryptocurrency
  • 15:13 Facebook, Libra and artificial inflation
  • 16:44 Usery and cryptocurrency
  • 17:46 Cryptocurrency, corruption & criminality.

Unemployment: From Not That Bad to Slightly Better Not That Bad

  • 18:15 Unemployment context
  • 19:03 Relative comparison between President Obama and Trump on unemployment.
  • 20:42 Employment in America

Getting to Know The Mad Science that Created The Dreaded Swamp That Trump is Swimming In

  • 22:45 ‘Capitalism’ verses ‘Corruption’: Buckley v. Valeo
  • 25:00 Buckley v. Valeo, Capitalism & Fraud
  • 25:50 Trump promised he would show us his tax returns…

Trump Continues To Screw America in Foreign Relations

  • 26:30 Trumps N. Korea Fake News: foreign influence of the president
  • 27:20 Trump makes the worst deal ever with N. Korea
  • 27:30 Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin, Mohamed Bin Salmon and the King of Saudi Arabia, and Kim Jong Un

Trump Continues to Crap on The Constitution of the Unted States

  • 27:45 Trumps attacks on the 1st Amendment
  • 28:00 Trumps breaking the 25th Amendment
  • 28:17 Trumps Treason assertions regarding anyone saying negative things about him. – END REPORT

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