Can the Electoral College overturn the popular vote? Is the Trump presidency at risk? Could Hillary Clinton still become president? What did the founding fathers of the US Constitution say about the electoral college? The electors vote on December 19 to decide the presidency. Get informed and spread the news.

The Electoral College 

  • 00:16 Talk that the electoral college can change the outcome of the popular vote.
  • 1:00 Electors cast their vote on Dec. 19th
  • 1:24 The electors represent the districts (supposedly after careful deliberation)

Independent Electors

  • 1:42 The framers wanted the electors to be independent thinkers
  • 1:53 The parties got in the way of the intentions of the Founders
  • 2:30 Hamilton considered a pre-pledged elector a violation of the spirit of Article II
  • 3:00 Madison and Hamilton tried to prevent the states from dictating to the electors
  • 3:29 Twenty Nine States adopted winner take all; two States bound the electors

CNN Did Not Dig Deep Enough

  • 3:54 CNN messes up the discussion on the electoral college
  • 4:44 CNN’s Brianna Keilar, Michael Banerian, Al Gore all missed the point

The Electoral College Could Work

  • 5:37 The Electoral College would work, if we corrected the corruptions of the States
  • 6:34 The issue is the mindless, thoughtless, brainless distortion of some States
  • 7:22 The Centrist News Perspective
  • 8:10 The Electors two main choices: Trump with 196 Federal Indictments and 38 guilty verdicts; Overview of Trumps lies and distortions, criminal connections, money laundering, bribing city officials, Scarfo Crime family connections, Gambino crime family connections. Trumps plan to increase the national debt and weaken Americas security posture. Russian is happy with Trump. Economic Security. Trump plans to weaken America even before he took office.

Trump Flip Flops Like A Fish

  • 10:16 Trump flip flops, even before he takes office, on the wall (fence), immigration pledge. On Hillary Clinton: “she’s very strong, very smart”. On Bill Clinton: “Well He’s a very talented guy; both of them; I mean this is a very talented family, uh certainly, I would certainly think about that.” Trying to clean up the swamp by hiring the people he said are the swamp?
  • 11:51 Or, Hillary Clinton, the more conservative of the two candidates who had an ‘almost’ revenue neutral economic plan, no guilty verdicts in her record, good jobs and education plan and a more careful approach to solving issues.
  • 12:35 Trump is loading the swamp into the White House

Last Chance to Make a Better Choice

  • 13:04 Faithless Electors: To ‘prevent’ the tyranny of the majority
  • 14:10 Message to the electors – END REPORT

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