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300+ million dollars for a data management system and web site? We are bleeding money at an unaffordable rate and our government can’t even make a web site not work for 300 million?

Nov. 2, 2013


The deployment of the Affordable Care Act web site has experienced problems to the extent that many of those attempting to sign in using the site have been unable.


Any experienced IT professional would likely tell you this system could have been developed likely in the range of 5 to 10 million if properly organized (possibly more and possibly even less). Without doing an in depth analysis it is hard to say. That said however, the bureaucratic and contextually corrupt nature of the method used to implement such projects is only one of the problems with our government structure.

While Kathleen Sebelius, director of the House Energy and Commerce Committee took responsibility for the site deployment problems, that does not address larger issues of compartmentalized responsibility that actually is a distraction that draws attention away from larger governmental issues. Namely systemic deployment issues that are either too bureaucratic and/or to corrupted by mismanagement, incompetence, and lest we forget, undue political influence.

The Problem

Compartmentalization of responsibility can distract us from systemic issues that reach beyond the issue of the day.

Our legislators and executive branch should apologize rather than talk about ‘only’ the benefits for those that somehow successfully signed on to the new Affordable Care Act web site.

The undue high cost of government must not be acceptable as a consequence of having a government. But the problem remains that undue influence on our government from campaign financing rules allowing such corruption of the democratic and republican process remain in force.

Until we are able to remove that influence, we can and should expect government to become increasingly unaffordable. This is unacceptable.

The Centrist Party (CP) goal is to do what we can to interrupt and disable corruption and get America on a better path. It won’t be easy but there is no reason to think that we can’t accomplish these goals. Join the CP and let’s build a healthier America by changing the rules and reducing corruption as best we can.

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