One might think that children should not play with fire, but they do. Sometimes they burn their finger, and once in a while they burn down a house. But normally they learn not to get too close to the flame, and fire can be dangerous. But the Republicans didn’t just risk burning a finger. They risked the whole house. They did it intentionally, irresponsibly, and apparently without rational forethought of ramifications. Will they learn and not do this again?


by John P. Reisman – October 21, 2013

Self-centered natures seem to be acting like a virus on individuals as well as infecting entire groups of people. You might notice those infected by the manifest symptoms. Key symptoms include: misplaced projection of frustration and anger, noisy waves of manic ranting, blaming all the countries problems on one or a few people. Other symptoms include: abandonment of reason, myopic vision, delusional thinking, disconnection with facts and reality, hypocrisy, and idea constructs that are discordant or outright logical fallacies… oh and a general disregard for the well-being of ones fellow citizens, society, or America.

Of course this is all done with a smile and the proclamation that everything they are doing is for ‘our’ country, and its citizens. What they often fail to realize is that while speaking for ‘everyone’ they seem interested in only supporting certain people, that think a certain way, or believe in certain things. They also claim this is what our forefathers, the writers of the Constitution stood for, while almost entirely missing the point of what our country was founded upon.

Beliefs are funny things; often not reality based and generally based on a narrow view of how things actually work, but powerful in their ability to guide people into sometimes irrational waters.

  • Claiming to want freedom while restricting access to freedom.
  • Claiming to want a healthier country while reducing access to healthcare.
  • Claiming to support democracy, while reducing democracy, in the name of democracy…

Playing to the Audience

It’s really just a dog and pony show. They don’t really believe what they are saying, they just want your vote.

Welcome to politics American style, where political love affairs are as whimsical as the depths of the checking accounts in ones constituency. Watching American politics is more like watching a game show these days…

Where in the name of democracy it’s apparently okay to sabotage democracy. The Affordable Care Act was passed into law using the democratic process. The so-called conservatives in congress did not get their way using democracy, so they decided to use the power of dictatorship or terrorism to shut down the government ‘IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY AND A HEALTHIER AMERICA’ in order to override democracy, and reduce access to healthcare for millions of Americans?

If what they were doing actually made sense, rather than just favoring their special interest funding sources, then maybe America could have gotten behind it. But the hypocrisy is strong with the perpetrators of this action.

The Problem of Inconsiderate Views

Between Libertarian views, Tea Party extremism, and Republican delusionary behavior, it’s hard to see reason or common sense anywhere in the thought processes they use. As I said, probably a virus?

Claiming they are fighting for democracy while trying to circumvent the democratic process is tantamount to lying to the American public. Their job is to keep the country running, not push their special interests while holding America hostage while ‘not’ doing their jobs, and putting our entire e economy at risk.

John Boehner, the Republicans, and the Tea Party put at risk America’s AAA credit rating on a childish bet that they can get the President to fold, and block access to healthcare for millions of Americans. One is hard pressed to find better examples of irresponsibility As pointed out, John Boehner stated this was a ‘conscious decision’ in his interview with George Stephanopoulos; he, (Boehner) and his members decided to hold America hostage in an attempt to delay the Affordable Care Act.

The entire world has been watching America playing with those matches in disbelief. Many say: how can they be so childish and irresponsible? Well, that would take a team of child psychologists to figure out. Never the less, they did.

The risk is that even though they may have come to a deal, they have still put our AAA credit rating at risk. Because now the world knows that American Lawmakers ‘are’ irresponsible and childish.

It should be noted that even though the government is currently funded, the damage from this debacle is yet to be fully realized and the risks in the future may be more dire as the world has been put on notice that America may actually choose to default on its debt obligations.

Fitch Reports:

Fitch indicated next steps hinge in part on what Congress does. One factor: How lawmakers finally decide to raise the limit, and for how long.
Fitch said it would “take into account the manner and duration of the agreement and the perceived risk of a similar episode occurring in the future.”

IMF Reports:

“Looking forward, it will be essential to reduce uncertainty surrounding the conduct of fiscal policy by raising the debt limit in a more durable manner.”

New York Times Reports:

WASHINGTON — Containers of goods idling at ports. Reduced sales at sandwich shops in downtown Washington. Canceled vacations to national parks and to destinations abroad. Reduced corporate earnings forecasts. Higher interest payments on short-term debt.

The real test comes in the fact that the deal to avoid debt default has only been kicked down the road until February of 2014; only four months. Confidence in America to be responsible has already dropped in the international community. If this happens again, then that loss of confidence might solidify and we may likely see credit downgrades along with the confidence drop if we get even close to the wire on the next legislative debacle. This of course will endanger our economy and likely seriously impact, or even erase, our recent progress in economic recovery.

Oct. 17, 2013: Senator Ted Cruz

“I would do anything, and I will continue to do anything I can, to stop the train wreck that is Obamacare,” and “…are we doing anything for all the people that are getting hurt from Obamacare?”

Senator Cruz is using rhetoric to imply healthcare is bad for health.

Oct. 20, 2013: Senator Mitch McConnel

The Kentucky Republican who co-sponsored the bipartisan Senate bill that led to the end of the 16-day government shutdown, says the GOP will do anything to get rid of President Barack Obama’s signature health care law — except shutting down the government.

“There won’t be another government shutdown … You can count on that.” and “Shutting down the government, in my view, is not conservative policy,”

Just one little problem with this statement. If he believes that shutting down the government is not conservative policy, then why was he helping lead the charge to shutdown the government?


The problem is that a substantial number of our politicians are liars. If they are not lying about something to avoid something, then they are lying to save their campaign funding and votes. Rather than take responsibility for their own actions they try to deflect and shift blame, or simply talk past it. Should we now suddenly begin to trust them…, probably not.


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