Exposing the Climate Hoax

Never judge a book by it's cover.

The climate hoax is not what you may be thinking. Learn what climate change means to our economy, and how so many have been getting it wrong for so long. John P. Reisman takes you on a thrilling journey into the perfect storm of politics, perspective, security, economics, psychology and science in “Exposing the Climate Hoax.”

This book is a no holds bar direct assault from a conservative perspective on the perpetrators and pundits of the ‘real’ climate hoax.

The book includes a $100,000 dollar challenge to prove current climate change is ‘not’ human influenced. After 10 years of solid analysis of the evidence and economic potentials, the author’s findings indicate clearly that climate change is happening, and it is influenced by humankind. The key is understanding if that is good or bad for our economy?

The book includes ‘A No BS Assessment’ and a complete analysis of how science works, as well as the history of science, giving the reader a solid foundation in how scientific knowledge and understanding develops.

This book will take you from the first rule of economics all the way through modern derivative markets. During the journey you will travel from the birth of our economy and the beginnings of Earth 4.5 billion years ago, to human development 2 million years ago, to the birth of modern man 30,000 years ago, through the agrarian age 8,000 years ago, the industrial age 250 years ago, right up to today, in a mixed economy, where the first rule of economics still rules the day – Nothing is free.

The book is crystal clear on certain messages. We are warming a ‘little bit’. There is a human influence. But above all, the theme that binds everything together is economics. As the author, John P. Reisman points out in crystal clear fashion, if we don’t protect the economy, we do so to our own detriment.

Yes, we have been tricked, but not by who you may have thought. Nothing is free so there will be a cost even for the ‘trick’ that has been played upon us. And if we don’t start paying close attention, we may very well have to pay for that trick with reduced standards of living and higher inflation.

Are some scientists trying to trick us? Absolutely. But who is really tricking who? This book addresses in no uncertain terms who is tricking us. The author names names and holds a magnifying glass over their reasoning to illustrate the flaws in their argument.

What is really going on? Take a thrilling journey into the perfect storm of politics, perspective, security, economics, psychology, and science in “Exposing the Climate Hoax.” If you don’t believe the conclusions, take the $100,000 dollar challenge; because economically speaking, this really is about who wins, and who loses.

The main question is what does a ‘little bit’ of warming mean to our economy? Without answering that question it’s hard to understand why the climate debate is or is not important to pay attention to.

First and foremost this book places climate change and global warming into the context of economics. Without understanding how it impacts our daily lives it is hard to see why it even matters. The book covers an array of subjects to give context to the issues discussed. These include:

  • Economics
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Security
  • Science
  • Psychology
  • Politics

Each of these subjects if addressed separately from the other increases the risk of missing important connections that help keep our economy, and our general security stable and functioning. Ignoring what these mean to the health of our economy in the short or long term could result in a weaker economy thus reducing our capacity to maintain relatively high standards of living.

To address these seemingly complex interactions the book illustrates the connections and how they interact in as simple a manner as possible, so the reader achieves a sense of not only what it means, but what we can do to protect our economy.

This simple fact remains, humankind has influenced the climate. That ‘little bit’ of warming will have economic impacts. It is important that we understand what that means so as to not implement bad policy. Over-regulation can be just as bad as under-regulation. We need to protect our economy and our environment, because we live here.

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