This book is about keeping America strong. It is the opposite of what Donald Trump did to America as president.

Comeback America David Walker

Comeback America David Walker

David Walker, former Comptroller General of the United States did what he does best in this book… He looks at our fiscal facts. The picture is clear, we are fiscally unsound, and if we ignore this issue long enough, we just might bankrupt America.

David Walker has done America a great favor. He’s put together a clear picture of the most important problem in America today. The runaway deficit.

Every American needs to read this book, because this is about our economy and as I have often said in relation to other pressing issues of our time including energy and global warming, if we kill our economy, we don’t get to fix things that need fixing.

We all know that interest compounds. If you are in debt, that is bad. If you are in profit, that interest is good. But America spends more than it brings in every year. Think about it this way: If you spend more money in your household than you bring in, your not making money, and eventually you will lose your house.

Our house is America. Let’s not lose it.


David M. Walker, Founder & CEO Comeback America Initiative

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