US Presidential Debates 2008

The Big Debate(s)

Presidential debates and the Vice Presidential debate. Barack Obama & Joe Biden; John McCain and Sarah Palin debate the issues of our time. Do they really understand the realities of sustainable environment, renewable energy? What about the feasibility of an economic system based on growth in a limited system? What about the effects of the boomer bubble on the healthcare and social security system. Performance based education? National Security? Who is willing to say what we don’t want to hear about what needs to be done? That is where the integrity is. The 2008 Presidential debates are collected below. We encourage all voters to listen carefully to what these candidates are saying and work to understand the meaning behind the words. All voters need to try to reduce their own bias and interpret realistically the core meaning of the positions of our candidates. It is difficult to drop ones bias but that is our challenge. The issues at hand are too important for us to allow our own bias to overly influence our decisions. In other words, we must question out own preconceived notions and think beyond individual bias and group think. What will really work in the long run? Think long term. Realize that short term, or election cycle thinking, will hurt us all in the end. Think about the sustainability of our nation, it’s economic system, energy, health rather than healthcare, responsibility, earning ones way rather than entitlement, of the rich, or the poor. America needs to get back to work. We have legislated corruption in to the system to favor corporations rather than communities, profit rather than value, standard of living rather than quality of life. If you want to know where values went, they were forfeited for the sake of undue, unearned profits by the overreach of CEO’s and politicians that were caught up in the bubble of short term thinking Which candidate is more willing to make tough decisions that we may not like, but may be necessary? Which candidate is willing to say, not what makes us feel good, but what is needed in order to address the long term problems of energy, environment, education, economy, healthcare and security? Which candidate has the vision and the strength to get us on a better path, not just the feel good path that will lead to larger problems later? We must not pretend there are easy answers anymore. We need to get real, and we need to get real fast.  

The 2008 Presidential Debates

First Presidential Debate

Second Presidential Debate

Third Presidential Debate

Vice Presidential Debate

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