by John P. Reisman — last modified May 03, 2011 04:20 PM Promoting good health is the best long term solution. In the mean time mitigating high costs caused by ignoring healthcare in depleting financial resources. Interim transition strategies must include addressing public health in the mean time.


Healthy Lifestyle and Food

We don’t have a healthcare system, we have a disease care system. We need to return to healthier lifestyles and foods in order to restore public health to where it was in the 1950’s. The FDA must be encouraged by leadership and empowered by executive branch support in order to formulate and implement policy directed towards greater public heath to decrease the proliferation of disease and disorders caused by bad practice in policy pertaining to the public health.

Real Food

Promote locally grown and real food as processed foods have been attributed by our DOH as contributing strongly to the health decline in America (This will also help offset the impact of crop failures and GHG output from long range distribution). Direct policy to increase understanding of what real food is with labeling and awareness campaigns.

Long Term Health

Promote long-term human system health (reduced reliance on anything that systemically weakens the human genomes capacity to defend itself).

Healthcare Costs

The DOH healthcare statistics implicate obesity costs have increased in a parallel with obesity in the past 35 years. Special interests have controlled the system far too long. Now big pharmaceutical is brought in to save the day. We need to get off drugs and back on track with healthy lifestyle. Industrial food processing methods are drastically diminishing health while increasing healthcare costs. Direct policy action regarding unhealthy foods in our nation. Policy intervention needed to reverse trend, or costs will become increasingly unmanageable. Pharmaceuticals need an exam as well.

Food & Drug Administration

The FDA has been more of a food and drug approval system than it has been a component of promoting good health in America. Policy in this area will be to empower the FDA with proper funding redirect its mission to promoting health by examining unhealthy components of the food and drug industry. This will give us the foundation of understanding required to properly promote and enforce policy with regard to restore health and thereby reduce healthcare costs across the nation.

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