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What Really Happened in Benghazi?

by John P. Reisman last modified Nov 24, 2020 05:43 PM
The Benghazi attack that occurred September 11, 2012 is possibly one of the most misunderstood events in recent history. And yet what happened there is actually easy to understand once you understand the context of the events on the ground.
What Really Happened in Benghazi?

Malcolm Nance

It is reasonably clear the Republican Party dragged this out for four years as a political tool to hold against Hillary Clinton. There have been more investigations held than occurred with 9 11. The effect is a tremendous waste of time for our legislative body and of course wasted tax payer dollars. It still astounds me how liberal the Republican party has become, willing to waste money on a witch hunt merely as a political tool to push back against political opponents.

Message to the RNC: Instead of wasting time and money, try focusing on the needs of the country instead of the needs of the party. Justifications and excuses don't cut it. If you really knew what you were doing, you would be coming up with great solutions rather than spinning your wheels and wasting our time.



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