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Vote as if the Future of America Depended on it.

by John P. Reisman last modified Dec 25, 2020 11:14 AM
Contributors: John P. Reisman
If you are against crime, lying, cheating; if you actually like freedom of speech, and less corruption in our government...then we need to do our best to ensure Donald Trump is not elected. He has made America less secure and more in debt. But that's not all....
Vote as if the Future of America Depended on it.

Wearing a mask leads us to a safer future. NOT wearing a mask leads os to more dead Americans. Choose your leader.

Let's face it. America has a choice to make. Authoritarian Dictatorship or Republican Democracy. And really, it doesn't matter if you don't even like Biden. Remember your vote this year represents saving America from becoming essentially a Russian oligarchy.

  • Trump represents Authoritarian Dictatorship.
  • Biden represents Republican Democracy.
  • This vote isn't about who you like or don't like.
  • This vote isn't only about corruption verses honor and integrity.
  • This vote is about the survival of America and the American Dream.

Trump is fully on course to turn America into a Putin style dictatorship/oligarchy. He has demonstrated his clear support for dictators; and pissed off our Republican and democratic allies for his entire presidency.

Trump needs to be removed from office.

So we all need to vote him out. And don't vote for any alternative. Vote for the only candidate that can possibly win against Trump. That's Biden. Otherwise we risk Trump cheating or stealing the election by claiming fraud, which he is committing and replacing the elctors with his own electors; literally stealing the presidency. And that appears to be his plan.

I'm a traditional conservative. I'm voting for Biden. Because I can see that Trump has blown all our money on debt and continues to do so; while doing his best to enrich himself while breaking the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution. Trumps presidency has severely weakened America and its ability to maintain strength.

If you are a Trump supporter and happen to be reading this, Bite the bullet and vote for Biden. If you love America, If you love freedom, and what liberty we have. Vote Biden. Because any other vote, helps Trump and will end the American experiment.

Forget about all of Trumps BS and bluster and his pandering to your interests, he's ONLY doing that to get your vote, stay in power, and avoid going to jail.

There are myriad reasons the Centrist Party is recommending everyone vote for the Biden/Harris ticket?

Trump lies and misleads on a daily basis, by all accounts.

  • Trump did not hit back at Putin when the report of Russia targeting Americans in Afghanistan was reported to him in his PDB and Trump says he trusts Putin more than the American intelligence community. So while Trump lies about living the military he has no problem with a foreign power targeting our soldiers.
  • Trump said he reduced the N. Korean threat and now N. Korea has the largest ICBM missile on display clearly designed to load MIRV's.
  • Trump said the virus will magically go away; and now over 212,000 are dead and the numbers are rising.
  • Trump said he would deliver a better healthcare plan, He's done the opposite and delivered tens of thousands of bodies to the morgue. He continues to ignore the science and more Americans are dying every day because of his ABSOLUTE lack of leadership ability. 
  • He says he delivered the best economy America's ever had. That a lie but also he has done the opposite. Increasing our national debt to hand out free money to create a fake impression things are great is the opposite of smart. Its just plan dumb...and selfish. Trump just does not care how much he puts America in debt because he doesn't have to pay for it. The American taxpayers have to pay for it. 
  • Trump promised to show us his taxes and has continually filed lawsuits to avoid letting us see them. 
  • The list can go on about all the things Trump is screwing up, but know this. Trump does not love America for anything more than what he can lie, steal, or cheat America for to get his way.
  • Trump is a megalomaniac. He exhibits sociopathic and psychotic behavior, has no regard for anyone but himself and his 'deep state corrupt administration. And when I say Trump is the deep state, notice that he is not hiding. He's corrupting America in full view and telling his followers that his BS is actually chocolate...and his followers are eating up that BS and apparently loving the taste of the crap.
  • Trump IS NOT a law and order president. Trump has amassed 38 federal convictions in his lifetime as the leader of his company, and lost hundreds of cases where his company was found to be fraudulent. He ONLY says he supports law and order to get support and votes from the law enforcement community. That means he is more dictator than law and oder and an absolute hypocrite. 
  • Trump claims Biden is a socialist. Basically socialism is government of community control regulation. So comparatively speaking Trump is much more socialist than Biden. Trump has turned the dials of government to give himself more power and control than ever before in American history. Other presidents tried this also, but they were voted out. If we don't vote Trump out, he will be able to accomplish is authoritarian goals and Americans will suffer along with the rest of the world.
  • There are many more reasons we need to get Trump out of the White House. And while there is no one main reason, a key reason is to make sure he does not sell out America completely, because if he stays as president for another term, he will complete his plan to secure his dynasty protect himself and his family, and completely screw America and Americas citizens.
  • Trump constantly creates fake arguments to attack just to put on a show to make him look strong to his supporters. But it's all a sham. There is little to no substance to his attacks because they are typically all FAKE. He investigated:
  1. Hillary. DOJ says nothing there.
  2. Trump investigated the Russia Hoax. Nothing there.
  3. Trump investigated Biden for unmasking. DOJ says nothing there.
  4. Trump investigated Democrats spying on him in 2016. DOJ says nothing there.
  5. All this is DISTRACTION so we won't be looking at how he is destroying America, Freedom, and Republican Democracy.
  • As with his other failed businesses, he has America on a direct road to bankruptcy. He did not built a great economy, he handed out free money to corporations. In other words, Trump is the SWAMP.
  • There is no hidden deep state. Yes there are agendas from corporate and ideological lobbies that corrupt government and cost taxpayers more. But Trump is supporting those corporations as long as they support him. Quid pro quo. Trump is the deep state.
  • Trump asserted that state governors "have to treat us well" while discussing the coordination of federal and state efforts in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. Again, Quid prop quo.
  • Trump didn't like to be investigated by the FBI director, and after Jim Comey refused to profess loyalty/fealty to Trump. Trump fired him and in an interview said "This Russia thing, with Trump and Russia, is a made up story", but Russia was bound to have absolutely interfered in the U.S. Election supporting Trump. Again, quid pro quo.
  • Trump/Ukraine: "I would like you to do us a favor" AND "I would like you to find out what happened with this whole situation in Ukraine ... There's a lot of talk about Biden's son, that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that. So whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it ... it sounds horrible to me." Trump then told the Ukrainian president that he would have Giuliani and Barr make contact with him and that "we will get to the bottom of it. I'm sure you will figure it out." Again, quid pro quo.
  • Trump denies science. Trump denies truth. Trump denies facts. Trump denies evidence. Trump denies reality. And he just keeps on lying. All to save his own butt at the expense of America and the American people.
  • SARS-COV-2 and its resultant disease Covid-19 is a massive threat and yet Trump continues to make it should like no big deal, while more Americans die. HIs lack of leadership inspires risky behavior and leads to more death. THIS IS NEGLIGENT HOMICIDE. Trump refuses to take responsibility or lead responsibly. Trump needs to go.

Trumps corruption knows no bounds. There is no level to low for Trump to sink to. 



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