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Centrist News - July 4 2019

by John P. Reisman — last modified Nov 24, 2020 05:41 PM
Understanding Sophistry; Trumps Fake Campaign Ads; Cryptocurrency; Unemployment Fake News and US employment data; N. Korea and Trumps interesting change of heart; Foreign influence of the US President.
Centrist News - July 4 2019

Did Kim Jong Un promise to give something to Donald?


00:00 Intro
00:32 Sophistry: How to understand trickery.
01:00 Definition of sophistry
01:32 Examples of False Logic and False Equivalence
02:10 Fake News & Trumps Fake News
02:32 Trumps Fake News ‘Campaign Ads’
03:08 Fake Thomas: From Turkey
03:46 Fake Tracey: The Mediterranean Model 
04:26 “Actual Testimonial, Actor Portrayal”
04:58 Trumps Fake Ad Sophistry
05:55 Intro to Plato’s ‘The Sophist’ A deeper look
06:38 ‘Theaetetus’ discusses sophistry with the ‘Stranger’
07:38 ‘That special kind of Stupidity’
09:00 ‘The imitative art of reasoning’
09:36 Caution & Conservatism
10:00 Christopher Chabris and Dunning/Kruger 
10:28 ‘Trusted Sources’ and populist argumentation
11:04 It’s not all fake news, but some is fake and some is dramatized
12:14 Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, & Libro (Zuckerca$h)
12:35 The Libertarian argument
13:43 Crime & Cryptocurrency
15:13 Facebook, Libra and artificial inflation
16:44 Usery and cryptocurrency
17:46 Cryptocurrency, corruption & criminality.
18:15 Unemployment context
19:03 Relative comparison between President Obama and Trump on unemployment.
20:42 Employment in America
22:45 ‘Capitalism’ verses ‘Corruption’: Buckley v. Valeo
25:00 Buckley v. Valeo, Capitalism & Fraud
25:50 Trump promised he would show us his tax returns…
26:30 Trumps N. Korea Fake News: foreign influence of the president
27:20 Trump makes the worst deal ever with N. Korea
27:30 Trump is under the influence of Vladimir Putin, Mohamed Bin Salmon and the King of Saudi Arabia, and Kim Jong Un
27:45 Trumps attacks on the First Amendment
28:00 Trumps breaking the 25th amendment
28:17 Trumps Treason assertions regarding anyone saying negative things about him.

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Borg says:
Aug 16, 2019 11:28 PM

at 28:24 in the video it sounded like you said Trump created a new dept the dept of homeland security. It was in fact created in 2002 By Bush.United States Department of Homeland Security
Government department
Employees: 240,000 (2018)
Agency executives: Kevin McAleenan, Acting Secretary; David Pekoske, Acting Deputy Secretary
Headquarters: Washington, D.C.
Founder: George W. Bush
Founded: November 25, 2002
Subsidiaries: U.S. Customs and Border Protection, MORE
Secretary: The current Secretary of Homeland Security is Kirstjen Nielsen following the appointment of the then-incumbent secretary, John F. Kelly.

John P. Reisman
John P. Reisman says:
Aug 28, 2019 11:56 PM

You state: " sounded like you said Trump created a new dept the dept of homeland security."

Actually, it did not sound like that at all.


"He created a new department in the Department of Homeland Security specifically to track anyone that says negative things about the president. Inferring, if not directly claiming, that anyone that says anything negative about the president of the United States, aka Donald Trump, is committing treason against America. That companies, or reporters, or anyone that says anything negative about Donald Trump is committing treason against America. This is not a president. This is a dictator."

Try to be more accurate in your understanding before tossing out naive assumptions. If there is one thing Centrists need to do, we need to be as accurate as possible/feasible in assessing reality.

If you prefer to use conjecture, you might prefer joining the Republicans or the Democrats.

That section of the story was based on a recollection. But since you brought it up, I looked it up:

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