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by John P. Reisman last modified Nov 24, 2020 05:40 PM
The biggest winner is Putin. He is wreaking havoc on a global basis. Putin used Assange to deliver the hacked material Trump asked him to deliver in the 2016 campaign. Putins experience in the KGB is in full flower in his ability to manipulate the political playing field worldwide.

Assange, Putin, Trump

Putin is expertly manipulating democracies and political systems around the world. From a political standpoint America has lost more globally and nationally with Trump than any other president. His ignorance has long term ramifications and short term dangers. From global economic risks being increased to support plutocrats and oligarchs, to the destruction of long held alliances. 

Brexit is merely a single component of the damage but it is nearly as important as the damage done to America by Trump.

Putin has his hand in Brexit in more ways than one, but it's not different than what he did in America. Russian agents and businessmen made deals with US senators just as they did with UK politicians. Like they say, follow the money, and also follow the power. Political favors and business deals are the norm for manipulating those that are willing to compromise honor for personal favor.

Russia used hundreds of fake accounts to tweet about Brexit, data shows

Russian trolls sent thousands of pro-Leave messages on day of Brexit referendum, Twitter data reveals

How Russia backed Jeremy Corbyn and the Kremlin trolls targeting the UK

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