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Making a Meaningful Difference

by cpadmin last modified Oct 08, 2012 05:51 PM
The Centrist Party - Broadening the scope of choice for America.

The United States of America was born out of a desire for freedom and the willingness to strive to achieve it. Its peoples come from many nations, cultures and perspectives. Americans share one thing in common, the freedom to pursue their dreams.

The Centrist Party gives a foundation to mainstream America for a political party that makes sense. Solutions can be more easily achieved when not convoluted by partisan bickering and single minded agendas. The best way to achieve this is to give mainstream America a voice in the political system; a true Centrist Party.

Working together for a better America.

Polls indicate about 30% of America is split strongly 15% left and 15% right. That leaves 70% of us looking for a centrist solution, but we are forced to choose candidates from the left or the right when we vote.

With both parties polarized in opposite directions and entrenched in their special interest relationships; the consensus is that America needs another choice to restore balance to the system.

Many elected officials and candidates are either already Centrist, or campaign on centrist issues to increase their electability. Getting the Centrist Party on the ballot will level the playing field and give Centrist America a foundation with integrity to have their views represented.

There are great ideas originating from both sides of the aisle. In order for these ideas to work for our nation, our businesses, and communities, we need to get past the bias that dilutes really good ideas, to achieve solutions that work. The only special interests politicians should serve are the interests of the people and the nation; not bought and paid for agendas and/or lobbyists. Legislation should be written by congress, not corporations.

The message is simple, let's work together for a better, stronger America. It just makes sense.

Centrist America

America is already Centrist. The majority of Americans seek solutions beyond the boundaries of current party politics. By giving those ideals a home, we have a foundation we can build on. The Centrist Party is that home.

What is between the left and the right? Most of America is already in the center.

But to be effective for solutions for the country, we will need to organize this center into a solid, well reasoned political party.

We have all seen the result of the two party system, with the Democrats and Republicans trying to work together and pass legislation that is meaningful.

We have all seen the results of one sided administrations, as well as the cost of swinging between left and right agendas.

What we haven’t seen is a true Centrist Party not subject to the left and right agendas but dedicated to the interests of the people and the nation.

It is more important than ever for America to establish a Centrist Party in order to move forward in addressing current and future needs of the nation. It is reasonable to assume that a party that has its foundation in between the reasonable center will have greater success than continuing to try to get two parties that have become increasingly polarized to work together; especially when you consider that those parties have their campaigns funded from different special interests.

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