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by cpadmin last modified May 31, 2013 12:24 PM
What will lead us to a better future is well reasoned consideration of that future. We need to look beyond the moment and the next election cycle. This means putting smart focus towards education, security, energy, economy, environment, healthcare and the political systems that can foster healthy development in all these areas.

Together - We can make a difference!

In order to rebuild and strengthen the "American Dream", we need to direct our energies at the core issues mentioned above and return to values that can work for all America. We need to all work together to address the issues of our time. Polls continue to indicate the priorities of the American people are practical solutions, not partisan politics.


Market economy and market regulation based on objective value limiting artificial market capacity. Americans are what built America. Our industrious work, performance and productivity got us here. Our evolving civil rights increased the common good through equality of opportunity based on ability. Checks and balances are needed to ensure that competition and innovation are not squeezed out of the American Dream. We need to protect and allow for potential to be achieved by the virtue of individual will, rather than over reliance on subsidy without performance agreements.



Performance based systems to motivate the achievement of higher potentials. We need to begin dealing with the multitude of factors that impede our children's education and transition out of the industrial model of education to foster innovation and critical thinking. Examining what works and what is needed will net greater progress and defined policy direction. We need to adapt our educational methods to catch up with the progress we have made.



Clean, Safe, Sustainable systems and rapid transitions based on needs and technology to achieve energy independence and a healthier future. Enabling transitions to protect the health of the environment and provide sufficient energy is key to a stable healthy transition. Transitioning the energy economy will increase our productivity.



Global warming and climate change will be one of the main issues in the current and foreseeable future. It's impact will affect our economy and security with new challenges affecting our food and water supply as well as global stability issues and resource capacity. The more rapidly we address these challenges the more affordable and feasible will be the solutions.



Empower the FDA and fight the special interests that may be contributing to the erosion of health in America. Unhealthy food and lifestyles are a major cause of increased cost of healthcare. We need to get back towards where we were in around the 1950's to achieve this goal.


Political Reform

Get the special interests out of the electoral and legislative process. We need to work hard to reduce big money influence in politics. It will take leadership and courage to fix our electoral process. The people will need to lead on this issue until sufficient political will and centrist leaders can gain enough influence to bring about needed reform.



The world is more dangerous for many reasons, partly because we are not paying attention to the global system, cultural psychology and system dynamics. Mistakes due to 'too' narrow a view can agitate already challenging situations. Leadership, nationally and globally, requires paying attention and working with partners around the world so we can protect freedom and democracy and the republic for which it stands. We need to respect what it means to be American with healthy governance as intended by the founders of this great nation with the spirit and intentions that inspired our independence and the American spirit.


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