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Unsustainable Debt

by cpadmin last modified Oct 08, 2012 06:23 PM
Entitlement programs, the Baby Boomers retiring (January, 2008). The Conservative Heritage, the left leaning Brookings Institution, and the Non-partisan Concorde Coalition. Appointed by Ronald Reagan. George H. Walker Bush, and Bill Clinton, each time confirmed unanimously by the senate.

"This is not just about numbers, we are mortgaging the future of our children and grand children at record rates. and that is not only an issue of fiscal responsibility, it's an issue of immorality."

David Walker

Though the experienced assessment of David Walker we see a more clear and relevant picture of the risks that lie ahead. These risks, if unattended he warns, may prove not only unaffordable, they may actually bankrupt the country. here is the takeaway message: The President, the Senate and the Congress need to act immediately. The fast fix to 'part' of the problem, the boomer retirement bump, would be an immediate flexible policy to adjust the retirement age upward to keep an appropriate number of individuals out of retirement in order to smooth out the strain on the system. There is no easy friendly way out of this.


David Walker Interview (2008)

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