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Irony 2012

Jon Stewart Ironic News for 2012

My Two Bads

Jessica Williams weighs in on Rick Santorum's claim that college is just a liberal indoctrination center where Barack Obama remakes students in his own image.

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The Punanny State

Congress convenes an all-male contraception panel in an effort to find balance between religious liberty and the realities of the secular world.

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Alan Huffman & Michael Rejebian

Authors Alan Huffman and Michael Rejebian reveal the details of working for Democratic Party candidates as political opposition researchers.

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The Long, Winding, Bumpy-Ass Road to the White House - Walk of Shame

Michigan's late GOP primary results leave the 24-hour news networks with quite a bit of time to kill.

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The Long, Winding, Bumpy-Ass Road to the White House - Romney's Win

Mitt Romney triumphs in his native state of Michigan, but nothing can dampen Rick Santorum's desire to rebuild America from the bottom up.

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The Long, Winding, Bumpy-Ass Road to the White House - GOP Response

John Oliver believes that the Republican primary has been going on for so long that everything that can be said about it has already been said.

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Masha Gessen

Author Masha Gessen discusses Russia's upcoming elections and the unprecedented number of protesters taking a stand against Vladimir Putin.

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Mitt Romney's & Rick Santorum's Michigan Campaigns

Rick Santorum releases a robocall urging Michigan Democrats to vote for him, while Mitt Romney decries the practice of cross-party sabotage.

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I Can't Believe It Got Better!

America's economic recovery is good news, unless you work for a media organization whose job it is to make sure Barack Obama doesn't get re-elected.

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Grover Norquist's Taxpayer Protection Pledge

Samantha Bee sits down with Grover Norquist to find out more about the lifetime fealty pledge that his subjects have sworn to him.

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How Is It that Mitt Romney Hasn't Crushed this Guy Already?

John F. Kennedy's speech on religious freedom nauseates Rick Santorum, and Barack Obama's position on college strikes him as snobbish.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson

Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson explains how fear contributed to the development of America's space program in the late 1950s, thereby spurring economic growth.

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President Evil

Republicans claim that the 2012 election is all that stands between America and catastrophe -- same as they claimed in 2008.

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President Evil 2

Republican leaders believe that everything Barack Obama has done in his first term has been a canard so that he can do the opposite in his second term.

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Hypochondriac Update

The World Health Organization plans to publish research on how scientists mutated the avian flu virus into a highly contagious form.

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Bruce Bartlett

Economist Bruce Bartlett weighs in on Barack Obama's proposals for cutting America's corporate tax rate and examines Ronald Reagan's tax increases.

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Jon Stewart's Eye on the Ladies

John Oliver, Jason Jones, Aasif Mandvi and Jessica Williams consider whether insurance plans provided by religious institutional employers should include contraception.

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Obama's Foo Fighters Fundraiser

Occupy Wall Street protesters criticize Barack Obama for catering to the one percent with a Hollywood fundraiser.

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Romney's and Santorum's Michigan Campaign Ads

Mitt Romney's ad campaign aims to offset his "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" New York Times editorial, and Rick Santorum's ad poses entrapment.

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Glitz Happens

The glitter bomb emerges as a form of protest more clever than a pie in the face but less clever than something actually clever.

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