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Moral Combat

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) The Supreme Court has good news for the makers of graphically violent video games and bad news for the makers of Super Mario Boners. From the editor: To what degree do we hold legal precedence and free speech above moral reasoning is certainly a matter for our debate and the very purpose of our legislative system. To the degree we abandon reason to favor a single part of the constitution... seems to be another matter.

Editors Note: The video contains graphic and gratuitous violence. It is offensive on multiple levels. Please consider this material in context. We unfortunately need to consider how far and how bad we as a people are allowing this material to go. This material is allowed to be sold to children. It is hard to fathom the mentality of a nation that considers this wise. For parents, please exercise common sense regarding such games and consider it's ramifications.

Of critical concern should be the desensitizing of our children to behavior that is immoral, unethical, violent and most certainly affects the mind of those that are able to use such games. All this against the backdrop of the banning of materials of a sexual nature, which has other ramifications. Without going into detail, encouraging violence while legally repressing sexuality is somewhat of an absurdity since these games display the female for in highly idealized sexual form.

We must consider the ramifications of disemboweling, in fact literally tearing apart a woman, in front of children. How can we become and allow this level of absurdity. Is this freedom?

Common sense and balance should be a part of the considerations and rulings by our supreme court. The Constitution itself was designed with an intent to protect the common good of the people. It seems sometimes that we have taken a turn, based on precedence, down a wrong road and are somehow avoiding justice to favor the path of precedence. We may need to consider and reconsider our decisions on this road.

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