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Horrible Bosses

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) Scotland Yard doesn't consider the death of the News of the World whistleblower suspicious, and Rupert Murdoch and his son appear before Parliament.

Editors Note: The skillful evasion and re-blaming from Fox News (owned by Rupert Murdoch) placing the blame for overblown coverage of the poor billionaire that owns Fox News, who is the heart of the media empire he runs, about the completely un-suspicious news that Sean Hoare had been found dead in his home, after whistle blowing on the Murdoch Scandal.

Fox News thinks that even before this story has really even gotten started, any reporting on it is already a left wing conspiracy to attack Fox news.

Their strategy is simple: Say that all other problems going on in the country are more important that this one, and therefore it is irresponsible for anyone to be covering the story about Rupert Murdoch, the corruption of police chiefs, the death of a whistle-blower reporter, the illegality of hacking, interfering in police investigations, or the skillful manipulation of political campaigns and elections, even for heads of state! NONE of this is 'newsworthy' on Fox News, but talking about the First Lady of the United States eating a cheeseburger and comparing her meal to 'eating a live raccoon', IS news?

Let's turn this around for fun. If a left wing reporter had been murdered after whistle-blowing that he had proof that the mainstream media only existed to make Fox News look bad, would Fox News ignore that story and say no one should even be talking about this?


Is it possible, that since the guy that owns the media empire of which Fox News is a part of, would said guy (Murdoch) possibly fire anyone that reported in an overly inquisitive manner, or any other manner that said guy might find objectionable; about such suspicious events and allegations that may implicate said guy, surrounding the scandal involving former CEO's and even bribery allegations in Scotland yard, that they are reticent to speak about the allegations; might reporters be hesitant to report on such stories or about those involved, including Rupert Murdoch?


Evasion, delusion, smoke, mirrors, and appeals to the emotions of their (Fox News) audience all apparently designed to demonstrate irrefutably that 'Fox News' is the real victim in this Murdoch scandal; is preposterously hilarious and laughably horrible, confusing, unethical and irresponsible, on so many levels, that it is hard to not simply hang down ones head in absolute puzzlement, befuddlement and disappointment, about the degree and level of dishonor through distraction, that the organization of Fox News is willing to participate in their own self degradation, thus confirming that they are not 'reporters of news', but rather 'mere employees' reporting little substance other than that of which they are told to report within the constrains and culture parameters of the Murdoch empire, and the powers that be within their entertainment company, that of Fox News.

Fox News Claims the 'Mainstream' Media is Attacking Them...

Note to readers: just in case there is any confusion on the issue, Fox News 'is' part of the mainstream media. Just because they want to paint everyone else as their enemy 'does not' mean they are not actually on the air, everyday, appealing to millions of viewers... Yes, that does qualify them as 'MAINSTREAM MEDIA'. Facts in context mean nothing to the entertainers on Fox News. To Fox News, facts are merely pieces they can transmogrify into anecdotal pieces of a puzzle which they use to construct the illusion they wish you to see.

Their continual blame game word festivals, streams, and waterfalls, are red herring juggling spectacular spectaculars, designed to keep people looking in the other direction while they continue to get away with obfuscating reality to their liking and/or apparent agenda.

The Daily Show - Horrible Bosses

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