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You are here: Home / News / Irony / 2011 / July / Have No Fear, England's Here

Have No Fear, England's Here

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) Trusted English friend John Oliver brings comfort and puts America's troubles into perspective through a comparative back-and-forth.

Editors Note: The media is proving on a daily basis to be more of the problem than the answer. The endless competition for finding the news that sells, that gets more readers, that gets more clicks... The invasive and pervasive, and in fact perverse, nature of the system precludes reason on many levels. We no longer have news organizations. We have opininators and marketing angles. We have news generators rather that news reporters. These cable news infotainment shows offer little more than the pre-chewed, undigested, regurgitated versions of subjects upon which they illustrate, in order to meet the needs and agendas of corporate heads and/or personal preferences. Their audiences are being tube fed from this effluence on a regular basis, seemingly, in the name of profit, as opposed to honor or truth.

The fact is that those that claim to be reporters on cable news shows are not. They are entertainers. They espouse their own thoughts as if relevant, or as if their 'thoughts' are actually reporting the news; and they apparently have no problem saying well 'it's only my opinion', while in reality it is still considered as news by the vast majority of the audience.

What they say may have little to nothing in common with the truth pertaining to the subject du jour, and more in common with the direction they wish to lead you as if the audience is tethered like a horse and can not remove the bit; but it is 'their truth' as 'they' see it; conforming to 'their' perspective, that fits 'their' needs. Their needs of course being the more controversial, or the more bombastic, or the more attractive to a given audience to satiate the hunger of a predetermined bias, in order to generate ratings that ensure 'they' make more money at the expense of not only the audience and reality, but at the expense of everything that America was supposedly built upon. Honor, integrity and truth.

The Daily Show - Have No Fear, England's Here

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