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Dancing on the Ceiling

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) The Republican insistence on making the debt ceiling their give as opposed to increased tax revenues is like a doctor who believes strictly in magic consulting with a patient.

Editors Note: Jon points out that the repo man might possibly decided to repossess America on August second, while congress discusses the differences between traditional incandescent light bulbs and new incandescent light bulbs, while America might "have to park our country down the street so China can't find it."

The reality is simple, John Boehner as speaker of the House, representing the Republican view point, does not want to give up the free lunch that was given to them during the Bush W. administration.

In a carefully word crafted statement, Boehner said this:

"Most Americans would say that a balanced approach is a simple one. The administration get's its' debt limit increase, and the American people get their spending cuts, and their reforms."

The subtle slight of hand (tongue) that Boehner is slipping in here has multiple components.

  1. He said "The administration get's its' debt limit increase" as if the debt is owned by and caused by President Obama.
  2. He then panders to the American people by saying they get "their spending cuts, and their reforms."
  3. The Republican spin ambiguates reality while simultaneously blaming the Obama administration for decades of systemic manipulation to increase profit at the expense of value and free market principles.

Based on the history of the Republican agenda let's identify what the key words and phrases in his statement most likely or 'actually' mean:

  • Most Americans = Those that do not understand that I am not being honest with them in this carefully word crafted statement and will religiously accept my 'inference', which ultimately will cause those very Americans I am appealing to, to sacrifice their future so corporations can continue to fleece money from the system without responsibility, or transparency, that a free market would allow.
  • balanced approach = Republicans get what they want, which is to keep the money they gained without working for it, because they like free money at the expense of the people.
  • simple = complex and/or hidden agenda; or, the Republican agenda that is actually quite complicated so it is better to not get into the details right now while I tell you that everything is simple. We plan to keep taking money from you (the people) while doing everything we can to get you (the people) to believe that we are doing this for you (the people), not for the corporations that support our election campaigns and keep us in office to fight for their special interests (themselves, high CEO salaries, less regulation so they can get a way with more abuse, etc.)
  • it's = our. In other words he is reversing the premise. It is 'our' debt, not President Obama's debt. This debt is something we all created through our relative naivete of the reality that government in general has been irresponsible and/or inattentive to the long term ramificaitons of their actions, which seem increasingly to be that of serving the needs of ' special interests' rather than the common good of the people and the nation.
  • their spending cuts = this is a nicely put manner of pandering to show how the Republicans are protecting the people, when in fact they are likely doing the opposite and fomenting the basis for further degradation of the security of the nation.
  • their reforms = same as spending cuts interpretation

When we translate Boehner's fantasy interpretation into reality we can see an entirely different picture. For the sake of brevity, let's just call 'reality' the best interpretation of what lies under the facade of his incredibly well crafted statement, minus the wool they are trying to pull over 'our' eyes.

The Democrats

The Democrats seem impotent to counter the ambiguous and misleading nature of the Republican arguments.

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