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You are here: Home / News / Irony / 2011 / July / Armadebtdon 2011 - The End of the World as We Owe it

Armadebtdon 2011 - The End of the World as We Owe it

by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:13 PM
(EDITORIAL NOTE) Mitch McConnell splits the Senate's responsibility in two, abdicating the unpopular doing s**t part to Obama but retaining the popular complaining about it part for himself.

Editors Note: Senator Mitch McConnell blames President Obama for the bad economy, even though the roots of our current situation were planted in 1938. He further states that the Republicans are willing to allow the raising of the debt ceiling as long as President Obama is willing to sign a paper taking responsibility for things that occurred before he was even born.

The technique is not physical torture, but it is not entirely dissimilar in nature to the general methodology or technique of how our American servicemen were tortured in Viet Nam until they were willing to give written or recorded statements that criticized U.S. conduct of the war and praised how the North Vietnamese treated them. The Republicans want President Obama to take responsibility for a mess he didn't make.

One might suppose that the Republican strategy is to build the prison walls higher and fortify their positions as the prison wardens. Well, that's politics.

Effectively, the Republicans are playing the part of Pontius Pilate and saying to Jesus, we are not putting you to death, this is 'your' choice to die on the cross. Some might call it brilliant strategy, others might say it is nefarious, hypocritical, irresponsible and/or an expression of evil, the likes of which are rarely matched in scope and magnitude in their implications, nature, or potential result.

To be fair, in current context, President Obama is more like a janitor trying to clean up the mess while the party is still raging. He may or may not have a good strategy, but he is trying.

The Daily Show - Armadebtdon 2011 - The End of the World as We Owe it

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