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by John P. Reisman last modified Aug 23, 2012 08:18 PM

CNN Warns Against Texting While Driving

CNN reminds viewers that texting while driving is dangerous and announces their new iPhone application for real-time traffic reports.

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Copen Hatin'

President Obama makes a case for the Olympics in Copenhagen, leading Republicans and the media to ask if he's ignoring more important issues.

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Tea Partiers Advise G20 Protesters

Tea partiers give some advice to G20 Summit protesters: stay on message and get promoted by a major news outlet.

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Carbon Copout

The Democrats' cap-and trade bill gives giant polluters a free pass, but even that's too strict for the Republicans.

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Playing the Race Card

Larry Wilmore performs magic tricks to show white people how to play the race card.

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Ray Mabus

Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus praises the well-trained and incredibly patriotic men and women in uniform.

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Afghanistan: The Graveyard of Empires Strikes Back

Jason Jones suggests a possible strategy for Afghanistan, in which giant, idling trucks surround the country.

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David Gregory

David Gregory believes President Obama has no choice but to tell Republicans that government is the solution.

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Janet Napolitano

Part I: Janet Napolitano explains how she communicates with the 23 different departments that make up Homeland Security. Part II: Janet Napolitano says dealing with swine flu is much more straightforward than handling terrorism.

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Super Prize Me

Barack Obama's critics don't think he deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, but he proves them wrong by bombing the moon.

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Al Franken proposes getting rid of the old "it's OK if you get raped" clause in government contracts, but 30 Republicans object.

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Barbara Ehrenreich

Barbara Ehrenreich says people can't boost their immune systems or attract wealth with positive thoughts.

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Dow Jones Rebounds to 1999

It's a second chance to party like it's 1999 now that the stock market is exactly where it was 10 years ago.

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Doubt Break '09

Glenn Beck has to decide how much he trusts his government before getting the swine flu vaccine.

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You've Got Fail

The RNC's new website features an American flag with hydraulics and Michael Steele's blog, "What Up."

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Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns can't explain why Ayn Rand's atheism is not much of an issue among conservatives today.

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From Here to Neutrality

John McCain asks the government to stay away from the Internet with the Internet Freedom Act of 2009.

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Eff'dghanistan - John Kerry & Dick Cheney

John Kerry bores Hamid Karzai into an election recount, and Dick Cheney objects to President Obama's dithering on Afghanistan.

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Steven Levitt

Steven Levitt creates controversy by exploring prostitution and alternative solutions to global warming.

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