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News & Perspectives

by cpadmin last modified Jun 27, 2017 06:07 PM
News & Perspectives includes relevant events as well as perspectives to provide context in relation to Centrist concerns. We have in the past and may again integrate The Daily Show and periodic pieces from other shows that focus on the irony in what we hear in media reports. Some may find it objectionable, some insightful as parody on current events can be helpful. They make fun of both sides of the aisle leaning to the side offering the most nonsensical material at any given time.
Centrist News - early March, 2019

Centrist News - early March, 2019

by John P. Reisman last modified Mar 11, 2019 12:47 AM

Media context and perspectives on Trump, the debt, Russian collusion, Kushner’s security clearance, Intelligence, the rise in hate crimes and racism.

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Election Guidance 2018

by John P. Reisman last modified Oct 29, 2018 11:48 PM

The 2018 election is upon us. America is at high risk due to the existence of a criminal in the White House. Trump with over 3,500 lawsuits and 169 Federal indictments resulting in losing 38 cases and 'unclear' results indicated as numerous convictions including tax fraud/evasion, money laundering (including laundering Russian money) and breaking his deals with hundreds of contractors; Trump is clearly the most egregious criminal presence America has ever had to endure in a president. The guidance for this election is simple: MAKE EVERY VOTE, ON EVERY ISSUE, AND EVERY CANDIDATE A VOTE AGAINST TRUMP AND HIS WANTON DESTRUCTION OF THE AMERICAN WAY.

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