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Why Centrist

by cpadmin last modified Oct 08, 2012 05:50 PM
Simply put, if you compromise to create a policy solution between the right and the left, you end up with a policy solution that is compromised. Compromising reason to produce policy does not produce the best policy, it produces compromised policy. We should work hard not to compromise reason to satisfy moderation of the better, or best solution.

America is already Centrist.

A study by a Princeton research group surveyed public attitudes toward politics, the parties, and the idea of a Unity Ticket. The survey did not include a "Centrist Party" but certainly indicates the strong desire for one.

  • 73% agree that “it would be a good idea for this country to have more choices in the 2008 election than just Republican and Democratic candidates.”
  • 74% of Americans are “dissatisfied” with the way things are going in this country. (Highest in 13 years).

Bringing together the best ideas and meeting in the middle

Many Republicans, Democrats and Independents believe Centrist views will allow America to achieve better solutions that work for the nation. The Centrist Party allows for a position not torn between partisanship and polarized agendas.

We need to break out of the two party system and build a bridge between bias and reason. The Centrist Party will span the distance between the left and the right, and address the scope of the nations needs from Americas mainstream point of view.

The Best Candidate

Americans no longer look for the best candidate for the presidency; they seek the one that is not the worst candidate. Putting the Centrist Party on the ballot will help but an independent candidate may be the best way to start.

Just think about how many Americans already support Centrist ideas. It makes sense!

The Problem of No Center

Imagine a fulcrum with no balancing point, it wouldn’t be much use.

The far left and right seem to oppose centrist candidates for drawing outside the party lines. The primary difference between Republicans and Democrats from Centrists is that Republicans and Democrats are strongly controlled by a defined platform stance, and centrists can take a stand on issues based on regional and cultural needs at the state and local level and weigh in on the national need as it relates to regional needs.

Looking at immediate needs weighed with future needs is essential in a reasoned approach.

By examining the entirety of an issue across the political spectrum one is able to devise solutions specific to the issue at hand and the needs of the region. This significantly increases the integrity of the positions and a candidates ability to support the issues. This ability serves the public need and opposes polarizing politics.

It also allows for new solutions to be developed that are not caught up in the special interest bias that currently drives campaigns and political policy. This conflict of interest between special interests and the needs of the people and the nation has created the spin machine tactics used by politicians and governance. It is expected that a corporation would spin towards its advantage. The people and the nation need a government that is independent of the corporate influence in order to make decisions that  are designed to meet the needs of the people and the nation.

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